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Correspondents, alphabetically arranged, include: Walter Armstrong about a fuss over a Sarah Purser exhibition in Dublin; the Hermitage Museum in St Petersberg, Isobel Aberdeen, and Lord Aberdeen offering Sarah Purser a seat on the Board of the National Gallery (Ireland); Sarah Allgood; Ethel Arnold on portrait; Walter Osborne from Paris 'I want also to call on Miss Gonne'. Also Sinead, Jane Barlow, novelist, c1901- 1917, 'I wish that you liked Jane Austen; if so you would find 'Emma' a joy for ever..' including series written from Bray around the Easter Rising, and on a journey into Dublin on 25 April 'though I knew how entirely deplorable it all was, I could not help taking a kind of joy in looking on...'. Later refers to 'that wretched woman Countess Markievicz' and 'witless country lads', indifference towards Ulster, and 'those treacherous Sinn Féin toads'. Calls herself a 'convinced anti-suffragist' - would not get on with Mrs F Purser. 'Sir Roger Casement must be an embarrassment to the Government, which is perhaps some consolation to him', her move and 'our getting the Vartry water put in'.
Louise Breslau (in French), 1885 - 1926 [?] with small sketches. Thomas Bodkin on Hugh Lane's bequest and James Stephens' application for the clerkship of the Gallery, and the competition for the directorship c1915.
W F Bailey, also on Hugh Lane's bequest,
Agnes M Carrdy [?] 1931 about the 'manless' Oxford of her youth, and how little it was like Lady Christine Longford's description of it in 'Making Conversation'.

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