CollectionBallitore Papers
ReferenceMs8003 (1-11)

Letters and papers of the Leadbeater, Shackleton and Cole families (Quakers), of Ballitore, County Kildare. Includes the will of Elizabeth Shackleton 1797 with an account of furniture in the house and bequests to her daughters; correspondence and copy correspondence between the daughters and son, Abraham Shackleton, about disputed terms. Also wills of Elizabeth Leadbeater, 1829 and of Eleanor Cole, spinster, 1903, leaving heirlooms ('the old green silk umbrella, the first that ever came to Ballitore') to female members of family.
Other letters in the series describe Sarah Shackleton borrowing money against the advice of her friends to 'make a place for herself, sister and daughter, as probably when they grow old.....they might not meet with others with whom they could make free enough to live..' [William Leadbeater to Sarah Grubb, March, 1800]; letters to and from Elizabeth Cole, c.1832-1841, mainly relating to family, health, friendship, with letters and literary papers of George Downes containing reference to Elizabeth Cole's 'annals' of Ballitore. Also drawings by Elizabeth Cole c.1845, of women and girls, and some early photographs (unidentified).

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Century18th, 19th
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