CollectionHeadfort Papers

This collection includes estate and financial records of Headfort House, Kells, County Meath, a number of items of which relate to female employees and tenants, for example, information on cash deposited in Kells Saving Bank for the Ladies' Flax Association, accounts book detailing sums paid to needlewomen 1875, rent book of Mary Somers, Climar Hall, Kells 1879-1894. Also labourers' accounts 1759-1797 with details of wages, allowances and rents for labourers and servants, and miscellaneous household records and accounts 1827-1953, including material such as servants' wage books 1864-1894, larder book 1869-71 and three menu books c1953.
Note: material from the Headfort Papers may not be published or put on public exhibition without the prior consent of the Marquess of Headford.
See Special List A3.

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Century17th, 18th, 19th, 20
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