Commonplace Book entitled 'Odds and ends, or snatches from the idle reading of an old maid, compiled by a lone woman of the 19th century, commenced 1st May 1841', compiled by Bessy Lombard of Rahan, County Cork. It includes copies of poems, extracts from newspapers and periodicals, reminiscences and reflections, and a few recipes, for example:
'the following stinking receipt which has been tried with very great benefit by John James Hunt, and many others in this neighbourhood lately, 21 February 1853. For asthmatic complaints and diseases of the chest: one large or two small heads of garlic, one oz of the best milk of sulphur, four drachms of gum ammoniac, in powder. Divide the garlic into cloves, take off all the skins and pound them in a pestle and mortar with the gum till they are a complete jelly, then mix the sulphur to form a substance to make into pills the size of peas. The dose five or six at night'.
The Book also contains a brief note on the author by her niece, Mary M A Sarsfield of Doughcloyne, 1841-1850, which records that Lombard died on 2 December 1871 at Eastly near Mallow.

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