DescriptionSixteen letters and cards from F J Biggar to Alice Stopford Green, 1907-1919, for example, ' I will go and see you - you have no idea how Ulster regards the South - you only think you have - hallucinations', 1907.
'I know about Pearse - he should be saved - his is most excellent work - I know of none better - would I were a millionaire',1911.

Also a letter to both from Enri Ua Tuathaill, 1912, 'to thank you and Mrs Green for the book, which is one to the glory of God and the honour of Ireland, and the discomfiture of enemies and devils ... Had not she written it, no one else would have tried to do it, and the slanders would have had a free run, and the slanderers would not have been thrashed. I hope she will be long spared to Eirinn of the streams'.
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