CollectionWicklow Papers
DescriptionManuscript Journal of Lady Caroline Howard, describing a tour on the Continent, June - July 1853, a visit to Killarney, July 1854, and the Dublin meeting of the British Association, August 1857.

On the 1857 meeting of the British Association: 'The garden belonging to the Mansion House was covered with a tent, and we walked across it into the Mansion House, which was open. The drawingroom is a very small room and has not very smart furniture. In another room there was a long table covered with American photographs. From it we went into the round room which was quite crowded. There were tables for tea and ices all round the room. We walked about and at last got seats where we remained nearly the whole evening, watching the curious assemblage. There were Quakers in quiet grey gowns with white collars and net caps, and ladies in every coloured opera cloaks and evening gowns, and shopkeepers in their best, and sometimes their best was not very good or new, and savants with their long beards and untidy looks'.
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