DescriptionTen letters from Miss A E Horniman and one on her behalf to Revd. J O Hannay relating to the disturbances at the Abbey Theatre's' production of Synge's 'The Playboy of the Western World', for example:
'One point in regard to the lively times at the Abbey Theatre has been passed over by everyone. The Directors are in a position of trust in regard to my property & when there was a cry to "pull down the curtain", they were in duty bound to send for the police (for whom I pay as a rate-payer) to protect my property', 12 February 1907.

'After my Dublin experiences I feel as if anything away from Ireland would be quite simple. My poor dull Anglo-Saxon brain cannot grasp the reasons (or want of reasons) for the absolute absence of ambition and self-respect I have met there', 14 July 1907.

She discusses her own role: 'I am one of those people who cannot produce anything myself & fortunately I know this - so I have made up my mind that wherever there seems a likely opening, I'll do what I can to help others to do something or to aid them to do it better'.

She gives advice on play-writing and remarks on the Gaelic League,`I have come into collision with it on its restrictive side mostly'.

Scenario of a play with observations possibly by Horniman.
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