DescriptionFour letters of Vere Foster to Mr O'Brien, for example:
Letter, from Belfast, 27 October 1884, 'As regards the girls, I think they would not have been willing to go in large companies, labelled as it were, or in ships, and under the superintendence of matrons, chosen by me - especially as at least two thirds of the cost of emigration was paid by themselves, and I think it was much more comfortable and respectable for them to go in the company of friends and neighbours. As regards assisted family emigration, I consider it impracticable on a large scale. As regards the sentimental idea of building up the Irish nation in Ireland, that is but a will of the wisp for persons desirous of immediate employment. It is like 'live horse till you get grass''.

Also includes press cuttings and other items relating to Foster's assisted female emigration scheme.
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