DescriptionLetters to Ellen O'Leary from James Brittan, R W Colles, R A King, G O'Doherty, Charles Gavan Duffy, J Dowling, B Kavanagh, Archbishop Croke ('My dear Miss O'Leary, Please write my name on £5 worth of tickets for the "Pope's Cup'''), together with a note to Heser Sigerson [Mrs Piatt] with an manuscript poem by Ellen O'Leary.

Also letters to Ellen O'Leary from Mary Anne O'Doherty, 'Eva' of 'The Nation', from Brisbane, 1872, with news of her family: 'As for myself, it does not much matter to me now where I may be - my real life is in the children ... They are good children, thank God, and love me very much - their father is very proud of them, but he has never realized quite the practical part of his obligations to them - he seems never to be able to grow older - that is, to lay aside the habits & ways of a young man and become the sober sage pater familias'.
On religious life, she declares, 'Dear Ellen, you amuse me by your holy horror of my heterodoxy - how strange it seems to me that anyone can seriously admire the conventual system - would it not be quite as well if these vows were not quite so tight - why not leave a safety valve. No doubt the virgin life is the highest but it is so only when purely voluntary & it can only be [?found] to be purely voluntary by leaving poor girls the power of escape if they do repent'.
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