CollectionTrant Papers
DescriptionLetters from Ruth Trant to her family from London, Paris and Belfast, for example:
Letter from London, 1910, describes the funeral of Edward VII: 'Got up at half past 5 next morning & started for our seats at about 20 to 7 in the motor; crowds & crowds of people hurrying along the same way, motor cars, cabs, every sort of vehicle you could possibly imagine, & between the arches at the Marble Arch all the reporters with their cameras were stationed. The crowds grew thicker & thicker & at last we had to leave the motor & walk ... In coming out of a side street into St James's I had my first experience of a London crowd which we had to get through. It was almost impossible & stuck in the middle of it I got thinner & thinner, got my hat any way on my head, lost a comb & a bundle of sandwiches which I was clasping came undone & rolled on the ground'.

The Collection also contains accounts of studies and sightseeing in Paris, and of her experiences in Downpatrick and Belfast while on tour with the Norman Cannon & Hope Trant Company.
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