DescriptionCorrespondence of Abigail Watson with Rachel, Deborah and Elizabeth Carleton on religious and other topics, for example,
Letter to Rachel Carltone relating to 'our dear friend Rebecka Minshall': 'She is very weak and often times in a day sick & very unwell at her stumach not at all fitt for travelling and she doe not mend fast I doubt will not be able to get to the half years meeting'.

Also 'some account concerning my dr deceased wife Abigail Watson, who departed this life 11th mo. 11th day 1752 in the 68th year of her age, having been a minister 40 years; in which service she faithfully labour'd in this nation, 5 times in England, & once in America, in all which places by accts recd she had acceptable service, & many were comforted & edified by her ministry, which was not with the inticing words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the power in which she was made as a sharp threshing instrument against all undue liberty, yet comfortable to the mourners in Zion of heavy hearted [sic]'.
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