CollectionUssher Papers
DescriptionPetition by Elizabeth Ussher, widow, to the Lord Chancellor, citing 'her situation as guardian and executrix to her & children, and to petition his assistance and direction in the management of their different properties'
'Elizabeth Ussher finding her joynture of £200 a year insufficient for the maintenance of large family & their education, that she may keep a house for them & fulfill those many duties she is inclined to perform, but finds her income too stinted to permit'. She asks that she be appointed an allowance from the younger children's portions, and that she be permitted to cut timber, estimated value one thousand pounds, on the lands of her eldest son, William. Ussher.

Testimony from the Waterford monthly meeting on the death of Elizabeth Ussher, giving details of her family background and her service to the Society of Friends. She was born Elizabeth Paul in Waterford in 1749, and was married in 1770 to John Ussher of Cappagh, County Waterford, 'her parents and other connections were in that rank of life which furnishes flattering opportunities for indulging the vain mind, yet it appears that she was early inclined to seriousness & frequently felt the sting of compunction in pursuing those gratifications which are deemed by many innocent, but which she found to be incompatible with Christian self denial'.
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