CollectionWicklow Papers
DescriptionJournal of an anonymous lady, perhaps Mrs Lucy Goddard, with details of social and other engagements in Dublin and Kilkenny. October 1778-January 1782. 'Sunday 6th [December 1778]. Went to St Mary's. Heard an excellent sermon from Doctor Law that I ought to remember for it was most particularly addressed to my time of life, when past the prime of it, and not yet enter'd into the infirmities of age, my business shou'd be not only to prepare myself for the world to come, but be an example as far as I can, to others to do the same ... Monday 14th. Went to Craddock the Archbishop of Dublin's funeral. Got into such a fright there at the sight of the mob that I grew so sick I thought I shd have fainted, the fear of this and not being able to get out terrified me but any thing appearing better than staying to faint there, I put myself under the protection of a man who offer'd to conduct me through the crowd, which he did safely and cleverly'.

The journal also contains an account of the Gordon Riots in Bath: 'Friday 9th [June 1780]. At Mrs Atkinson's where about nine o'clock, the news came that 5,000 mob were assembled to pull down as they said popery and sure enough they work'd all night in demolishing by fire and other ways the New Chapel and houses that were round it. I was much frighten'd and Mrs Foster sat with me till 4 o'clock looking at the dreadful conflagration. Saturday 10th ... The town was pretty quiet except a riot kicked up by Jack[?Waring], Scott Fitzgerald and another Irishman, for which they were put in prison, and next morning, at the request of some people, discharged on condition they wd immediately return ... whence they came'.
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