DescriptionA miscellaneous volume, containing a copy of a letter from Lady Dorothy Annesley to Bishop Berkeley of Cloyne on her relationship with Mr Dubois, a member of the bishop's household, dated 1752.: 'Mr Dubois tells me he has acquainted your Lordship with the sacred engagement we are under ... I wish it were practicable that we might be married pursuant to the laws of the land. My interest requires that it should be kept secret from my father [the Earl of Anglesey], but notwithstanding this consideration I will gladly do whatever your Lordship pleases', signed 'Dorothy Dubois'.

Also a copy of the bishop's response: 'The person on whom you have placed your affection is in my opinion much above the common level of those amongst whom fortune had placed him; had I known your Ladyship I should never have advised the taking this step; but since it is taken, I advise by all means to make the best of it ... Whatever was done in relation to the sacred engagement you mention, was done in a private illegal manner. The next step must be to satisfy the law by a public legal marriage; the omission of this necessary step would be, as I apprehend, attended with far greater inconvenience than the conforming to it'.
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