Description5: 9 December 1868 - 29 November 1871, regarding social events, arrangements between the Queens Institute and the Academy, memorial for a grant in aid of its funds, move to 36 Westland Row, 29 October 1870, contains newspaper cuttings, correspondence, funds, circulars about grant in aid of funds, circulars on classes and staff, circular to encourage the formation of a portrait gallery, annual report
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Among the minute books and administrative volumes of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Westland Row, Dublin, 1856 - 1955.

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Repository NameRoyal Irish Academy of Music
Address36-38 Westland Row Dublin 2
EircodeD02 WY89
Telephone(01) 632-5318
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CommentA list of the archives of the Royal Irish Academy of Music is available in the National Archives, Dublin. The information described has been extracted from that list. Due to the ongoing RIAM redevelopment, Special Collections are currently held in storage and are not accessible to the public. Please check the RIAM website for updates.