CollectionJames, Earl of Charlemont Correspondence

Volume 4, 1747-1751, indexed. Include:
16: Widow Sapte and Son to T. Addlerley, 15 March 1754.
56: Lord Charlemont to Miss Mary Hickman, 30 May 1768, request she returns to Clontarf to receive his proposal of marriage.
57: Lord Charlemont to Miss Mary Hickman, 1 June 1768, proposal of marriage.
58: Lord Charlemont to Miss Mary Hickman, 25 June 1768, distress at four days separation.
59: Lord Charlemont to Mrs O'Brien, 1 July 1768, on his approaching marriage to her sister.
60a: Dr Thomas Leland to Lady Charlemont, 4 July 1768, congratulations on her marriage.

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