DescriptionLetters to P J Quinn of the National League and to Miss Kennedy of the Ladies' Committee from notable figures in the national movement, including Michael Davitt and C S Parnell.
The volume also includes several letters from Anna Parnell about Ladies' Land League and National League business, for example:
Letter to P J Quinn, from Hume Street, 2 May 1884, 'I heard that you were speaking to Mrs Molony about books for the use of prisoners awaiting trial, and conveyed to her the impression that the National League would like to have the books now lying at Mrs Molony's, which had been collected by the Ladies' Land League for suspects and other prisoners. If the National League is really anxious to have these books and use them for the benefit of prisoners, we could do nothing better with them than give them to the League; but the National League has always shown itself so punctiliously anxious to disconnect itself with 'crime and outrage', and so hyper-sensitive as to the recognition of its white-robed innocence, that this desire strikes me as a remarkably new departure, in the genuineness of which it is rather hard to believe. In short, we should like, on giving up the books, to have some formal acknowledgement from the National League, which would be a guarantee to us that they would use them for the purpose for which they were originally intended by the donors'.

Letter, 5 October 1894, from Mrs C S Parnell in the Isle of Wight, to the Ladies' Committee, National League Offices, Dublin, thanking the Ladies' Committee for 'kindly promising to place her flowers on her husband's grave tomorrow. Mrs C S Parnell has sent over two boxes of flowers by Irish Mail this evening addressed to the Ladies' Committee carriage paid, but if there is any further charge for delivery at the National League offices, Mrs C S Parnell will feel obliged if the Ladies' Committee will kindly let her know the amount that she may forward it'.
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