Collection DescriptionDún Laoghaire Corporation was established on 14 October 1930, on foot of the Local Government (Dublin) Act 1930, which amalgamated the Urban District Council's of Blackrock, Dalkey, Killiney-Ballybrack and Dún Laoghaire. These local authorities had been constituted as townships in the mid-nineteenth century and designated as U.D.C.'s under the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898.

The records transferred from the disbanded authorities to Dún Laoghaire together with those extant in Dún Laoghaire's Town Hall constitute the main archive of the Corporation. Also included in this list are primary records created by then Corporation from its inception until 1973, when a full-time borough manager was appointed, and records of the Dean's Grange Joint Burial Board.

The records have been divided into five mini collections in recognition of the independent existence of the authorities prior to the 1930 amalgamation. Each collection has been given the reference prefix L.A. for Local Authority, LA1 is Blackrock; LA2 - Dalkey; LA3 - Killiney-Ballybrack; LA4 - Kingstown-Dún Laoghaire and LA5 - Dún Laoghaire Corporation.

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Minutes of fortnightly meetings of the Blackrock Sanitary Committee with details of attendance, accounts recommended for payment, nuisance complaints received and acted upon and reports submitted by the Executive and Sub-Sanitary Officers, the Medical Officer of Health and the Dairy and Veterinary of deaths each fortnight, instances of notifiable diseases, amount of nuisance abatement orders served and subsequent prosecutions for neglect of said orders, number of houses, yards and buildings inspected, disinfected and limewashed dairies, cow sheds, slaughter houses and meat shops examined and prosecuted. Volumes 43, 45-47 are indexed:

41 1 December 1860-20 April 1880, includes copy letters to the Lord Lieutenant on administrative matters from the Hibernian Gas Company with reference to the laying of gas mains and the erection and maintenance of gas lamps and to the town cleaner drawing his attention to nuisances and filth on the streets, December 1860-July 1864

42 19 February 1884-27 February 1888, 240 pages

43 17 April 1893-25 March 1900, 230 pages

44 25 August 1899-17 August 1909, 504 pages

45 31 August 1909-2 February 1920, 500 pages

46 16 February 1920-19 May 1930, 498 pages

47 2 June 1930-26 September 1930, 18 pages

48 1 July 1874-10 July 1886

49 27 August 1886-13 January 1900

50 22 June 1866-8 October 1877, 82 pages

51 6 November 1885-18 September 1889, 236 pages

52 22 August 1890-18 September 1899, 503 pages

53 22 September 1899-5 September 1905, 504 pages

54 12 September 1905-11 March 1910, 419 pages

55 1 April 1910-15 March 1918, 502 pages

56 2 April 1918-31 December 1928 498 pages

57 14 January 1929-26 September 1930, 98 pages

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Century19th, 20th

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