Collection DescriptionDún Laoghaire Corporation was established on 14 October 1930, on foot of the Local Government (Dublin) Act 1930, which amalgamated the Urban District Council's of Blackrock, Dalkey, Killiney-Ballybrack and Dún Laoghaire. These local authorities had been constituted as townships in the mid-nineteenth century and designated as U.D.C.'s under the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898.

The records transferred from the disbanded authorities to Dún Laoghaire together with those extant in Dún Laoghaire's Town Hall constitute the main archive of the Corporation. Also included in this list are primary records created by then Corporation from its inception until 1973, when a full-time borough manager was appointed, and records of the Dean's Grange Joint Burial Board.

The records have been divided into five mini collections in recognition of the independent existence of the authorities prior to the 1930 amalgamation. Each collection has been given the reference prefix L.A. for Local Authority, LA1 is Blackrock; LA2 - Dalkey; LA3 - Killiney-Ballybrack; LA4 - Kingstown-Dún Laoghaire and LA5 - Dún Laoghaire Corporation.

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Applications, Tenders, Petitions:

210 17 May 1863-17 December 1875, letters of application with accompanying references for the positions of sanitary inspector, time keeper, rate collector, road inspector, secretary to the Corporation, yardman and caretaker, 16 items.

211 29 March 1871-10 May 1877, manuscript letters from workmen consisting largely of applications for wage increases, sick notes and explanations regarding conduct. Includes memorial from four carters requesting a wage increase of one shilling per day, application from Lamplighters for remuneration commensurate with maintaining the 223 Lamps in the township. Letter from James Holden repudiating a charge that he mended carts during working hours and letter from another workman applying to withdraw his resignation. He explains that he had foolishly indulged in drink and resigned rather than be fired, 20 items.

212 1 April 1862-13 December 1889, letters of tender, estimates and specifications received by the Commissioners. Included are tenders for watering and cleaning the Township, painting the Town Hall, maintaining the town clock, repairing pumps and asphalting roads. Also two specifications for the proper maintenance of 12 hundred perches on Rock Road and letter from Edward Jolly agreeing to supply the township with broken stones, 28 items.

213 11 December 1871-26 April 1877, letters requesting lease of Town Hall for concerts and meetings and enquiring about terms. Included are applications from the Irish Permissive Bill Association, the Smallpox Relief Fund, the Blackrock Choral Union, the Blackrock Philharmonic Society and an illusionary, and Spiritualistic Entertainment. Also a letter from W Taft and Sons, Outdoor Amusements requesting a week's lease of Blackrock Park, 22 March 1909.

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