DescriptionTypescript catalogue of the correspondence of the Howard family, giving extracts from and details of the correspondence of members of the Howard family, Earls of Wicklow and Forward, of Castle Forward, County Donegal and of allied families, c1700-1818. Includes:

Thirty three letters from Hugh Howard to Mrs F Howard, 12 May 1724-8 September 1726

Eight letters of Isabella Forward, Bath, to Ralph Howard, Shelton & Dublin, 1760-1770, giving family news and discussing issues pertaining to local politics and leases

Four letters from William Talbot to Mrs Forward, 1764-1776

Eight letters from M[ary], Countess of Darnely to Ralph Howard (Lord Clonmore], Viscount Wicklow, 1766-1789

Letter from M[ary] B[utler] to Mrs Howard, giving news on Lady Darnley's safe delivery of a son, Clifton, 1767

Letter from Revd. [Holt] Truell and Mrs Truell, Clonmannon, to Ralph Howard, Shelton, 19 August 1769

Letter from Mrs Thompson to Lord Clonmore, 28 May [1776-1778]

Letter from Mrs G Maxwell, Palace Row, to Lord Clonmore, c1784

Three letters from M[ary] B[utler] to Viscount Wicklow on issues pertaining to the regency crisis, the king's health and giving family news, 1788-1789

Letter from K[atherine] Molyneux to Hugh Hoard, 13 June 1730

Five letters of the Bishop of Derry [Frederick Hervey] to Mrs Forward, Bath, 1771-1777

Two letters from Mary Butler to Lord Clonmore, 1783-1787

Seven letters from Alice Howard (Lady Clonmore) to Mrs Forward, c1773-1781

Ninety two letters of Katherine Howard, Dublin, to William Howard, London, 1709-1714

Letter of Is[abella] Forward to George Ash, 13 April 1768

Letter of Is[abella] Forward to Bishop of Derry, 10 October 1776

Three letters of A[nne] Viscountess Dungannon to Mrs Forward, 1772-1773

Letter of Lord Clonmore to Mrs Forward, 30 June 1777

Letter of [Robert Maxwell], Earl of Farnham, Mrs Forward, Bath, 10 February 1777

Two letters of A[lice] Howard to William Forward 1760-1762

Three letters of A[lice] Howard to Ralph Howard, c1769-1776

Letter of Revd. William King to [Mrs Forward], 11 May 1775

Letter to Mrs Forward from Samuel Campbell, 10 December 1777

Letter of Alice, Countess of Wicklow, to [Rt. Hon. William Forward], 4 November 1800

Letter of Lady Isabella Smyth to Earl of Wicklow, 19 September 1816

Letter of Lady K[atherine] Howard to William Howard, 12 April [?1722 or ?1727]

Letter from Robert Harrison to [Mrs Howard] 31 August 1745

Letter of Robert Howard, Geneva, to Mrs Howard, 4 December 1775

Two letters from William Howard to Lady Clonmore, 1776-1777

Letter of Isabella Forward to Mrs Forward, 7 August 1802

Four letters from Francis Forward to Isabella Forward, 1809-1810

Four letters from Francis Forward to Mary Forward, 1809

Letter from Mary Forward to Right Honourable William Forward, 26 June 1809

The collection includes other letters to and from the female members of the families at issue.
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