CollectionAttic Press/Róisín Conroy Collection
Collection DescriptionThe Archives of Attic Press (BL/F/AP) were generated and collected by Róisín Conroy as co-founder and publisher of Attic Press and as an activist in the Irish Women's movement. They were deposited in the Boole Library, University College, Cork by Conroy in 1997. The core sections of the collection relate to the activities of Conroy while working as a librarian within the research unit of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union (ITGWU), to Irish Feminist Information (IFI) and to Attic Press. There is also a small amount of ancillary material. The collection therefore reflects the various facets of Conroy's career as a librarian and information officer, publisher, disseminator or information and campaigner for women's rights. The material dates from the early seventies to the 1990s. [UCC Special Collections and Archives] Overall this collection represents and records the emergence of a coherent feminist movement in Ireland from the early 1970s. In particular the files of Attic Press reflect in no small way the intellectual development of that movement.
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133 boxes & ephemera of archival material. 

Overall arrangement as follows:

1. Róisín Conroy and the Irish Labour Movement:

This includes material relating to her work as a Librarian for the Irish Transport and General Workers Union, for example, a large number of files relating to women's issues within the Trade Union movement, for example, the agitation for Equal Pay in the 1970s and the issue of discrimination against women in the workplace.

2. Irish Feminist Information and Attic Press:

Records of Irish Feminist Information (IFI), which acted as an umbrella group for the various committees and groups agitating for women's rights during the late 1970s. Irish Feminist Information was founded in 1978 by Roisin Conroy and Mary Doran. They published the first Irishwoman's Calendar: an end and a beginning and the annual Irish Women's Diary and Guidebook. Irish Feminist Information went on to run two highly successful 'Women in Community Publishing Courses', and it was within this context that Attic Press emerged. The Attic Press records relate mainly to authors and their works published by Attic Press but also contain a lot of ancillary material relating to background researchers and popular reaction to the publications.

3. Publications

4. Feminist Book Fairs

5. International Interdisciplinary Congresses

6. Women's Groups and Associations

7. Campaigns and Women's Issues

8. UN Conferences

9. Women's Studies and Feminism

10. Ancillary Publications and Press Cuttings

11. Sound Archives

12. Memorabilia

13. Miscellaneous


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