DescriptionTypescript copies of letters to members of the Kelsall family, near Chester, 1715-1729, these includes:

Letters to Mr John Kelsall and Mrs Frances Kelsall, Wimble Tarfford, County Chester, from Will and Richard Weston, Westland, Dublin, 1715-1729,
for example, to Frances Kelsall from Richard Westland, 20 March [?1717-1718] regarding her illness and `I have made a bargain her for you which is a girl of a very honest family which I doe ajure you may trust she is I believe about the age of thirteen she is near wady (ready?) to come over to you I will send by her the dram I promised & ye receipt the bargain I have made is this when she comes she is to be bound apprentice to you only the space of three years att the expiration of which you are to give her a new suit of cloaths and fortie shillings in money.'

Also includes, among others, a letter to Mrs Kellsay from her cousin, William Milton, 8 December 1726.
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