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1 From [?] to Marianne Wakefield (nee Wilcox) about Jane's marriage, 1853.

2 From Elizabeth S. Chalk of Kingston to 'Dear Friend' 1 November 1858.

3 From Elizabeth S. Chalk to Jane Richardson regarding Christian discipline, 6 December 1858.

5 Wakefield to his mother, 1863.

6 From J.G. Richardson to his daughter, May, sending his bat and shuttlecocks to her and Wakefield, no date.

6A From A.W. of Coleraine Villa to Jane, 13 June 1862.

7A Mary F.H. Balkwill to Jane Richardson offering hospitality of Plymouth, 21 August 1872.

7B Emily Haslope to Mrs Jane Richardson regarding servants, 25 June 1872.

8 Helen Balkwill of Cork to 'Very Dear Friend' regarding visit, visitations, evangelical meetings, 3 June 1872.

9 Francis M. Wood to Jane Richardson regarding burden being borne by James N Richardson, 6 December 1873.

11 Anne Gardner of Matlock Bank to 'Dear Friend' mentions meeting at Derby where George Fox was first called a Quaker and imprisoned there, 26 July 1864.

13 J. Henrietta Wood to Mrs Jane Richardson regarding Royal Show, Darlington, death of Emma Guiney Pease and elections, 6 July 1895.

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