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ReferenceMss Box 57
DescriptionMss Box 57:
Notebook 2 containing letter from Job Scott to Mary Leadbeater, poem from Job Scott to Mary Leadbeater and extract from letter from Richard Shackleton to Hanna Plumstead junior, 28 May 1778.
Index to Mary Leadbeater's writings, no date.

Notebook 3 Extracts from Shackleton/Leadbeater letters, eighteenth century.

Notebook 4 Extracts from Mary Shackleton diaries, no date.

Grubb Collection, Common Place Book I Letters and testimony, between a variety of people including Mary Peisley, Elizabeth Carleton, Elizabeth Jacob, Floris Brand, Sophia Hume, Sarah Spratt, Mary Smith, Mary Ellington, Elizabeth Wilkson, Deborah Ferris, Susanna Hatton, Anne Wright, Mary Gray, etc., 1687-1805, 174 items.

Grubb Collection, Common Place Book II Letters, meditations, testimonies, etc. Included are letters to and from Samuel Fothergill, Ellen Evans, Dr Lotsom, Susanna Hatton, Mary Watson, Catherine Peyton, Sophia Hume, Frances Dobson, Esther Tuke, etc., 209 items, 1620-1785.

Grubb Collection, Common Place Book III Letters, testimonies, accounts, etc. Includes correspondence between Deborah Sandman, Deborah Elly, Mary Peisley, Sarah Beale, Elizabeth Carleton, Jane Fayle, Martha McGuire, Edith Lovall, Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Ridgeway, Mary Brooks, Margaret Ellis, etc. Also includes Epistle from Quarterly Meeting of Women Friends in the County of York to Monthly Meeting and Preparative Meeting, 1778, 185 items, 1675-1785.
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Century17th, 18th, 19th
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