CollectionCosgrave Papers

Correspondence and Reports on the proposal to turn St Anne's, Clontarf, into a hospital of the Irish Sisters of Charity, 1939-1941.

Note to Geraldine Kennedy concerning W.T. Cosgrave's Air Corps flight during 1923 General Election, 16th April 1981.

Cosgrave correspondence with Ministers, 1975.

Personal correspondence, 4 July 1977 - 30 June 1978, includes:
Letters of thanks or of good wishes on the occasion of Cosgrave's electoral defeat.
Letters requesting autographs.
Letters requesting participation at public events.
Letters on family matters and sending publications, mementoes, christmas cards, etc.

Official Speeches, 1974, includes:
Second reading of the Control of Importation, Sale and Manufacture of Contraceptives Bill, 1974.

Official Speeches, 1975, includes:
Address by the Taoiseach on the occasion of the presentation to him of a special issue of 'Administration' devoted to the position of women in Ireland, 15 September 1975.

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