CollectionShapland Carew Papers

Rental I Manuscript Book which consists of:
Rentals for County Wexford, 1740-1758.
Rentals for the city of Waterford, 1744-1763.
Rentals for County Waterford, 1749-1758 which includes:
City of Waterford. Mrs Madden for half a year's rent due the 29 September 1744, £2, for half the year's quit rent 1/8.
Ballytruckle part thereof set to Mrs Frances Burton at the yearly rent of £7 19s 6d.

Rental II Manuscript book of 'County Wexford Rentall, 1780 to 1798', includes:
Town of Wexford, 1781. Mrs Margaret White, tenant for 31 years from September 1767 at the yearly rent of £20 whereof she is to pay £2 5s yearly to Mrs Hatton for ground rent.

Manuscript volume 'An old account book of R.S. Carew' which mainly records household expenses, etc., incurred at Woodstown and Castleboro during the years 1746-1782 as well as the various credit receipts for rents, sales of farm stock, corn and some garden produce, etc. Includes:
23 Mrs Elizabeth Mutlow to John Ivie, 1746 with details of payment.
26 Mrs Elizabeth Mutlow to John Ivie.
27 Mrs Elizabeth Mutlow to John Ivie.

Memorandum Book: Manuscript volume. At one end are mainly entries of receipts of money paid by Henry Archer in discharge of accounts, 1672-1677. At the other are the details of payments to servants, dates of service and other miscellaneous notes, 1704-1727. Includes:
'I doe acknowladge to have receved form Elen Shapland the sum of œ10 10s in full of depts and demands for soeng and all work from the beginning to this day as witness my hand this 14 day Agust 1704, Niclas W Malone, his mark'.
'Nancy Magra began hir sarvis the 19 January 1710'.

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