CollectionOfficial Papers
ReferenceOP926/3/Series 1
DescriptionVolume II page 608:
Dalton, Jane, widow, memorial and concordatum, 1826
Memorial of Jane Dalton, widow of William Dalton, to His Excellency, the most noble Richard Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, May 1826.
'That your memorialists' husband served as an Officer in His Majesty's Revenue for thirty years with zeal, fidelity and diligence; and in many instances very advantageous to the Revenue.
That your memorialist was upon the decease of her husband left a Dowerless widow with four children unprovided for, save for small income of £60 per annum, issuing out of annuity company in this city, which has since failed and been totally dissolved'.
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