CollectionPolice and Crime Records

Prevention of Crimes Act, 1882

Cartons of files of compensation cases under the Crimes Act, 1882-1883.
Carton No 1: includes details of the compensation case, Anne Nicholl, 1882.
The file of Anne Nicholl which includes:
Proclamation 'Whereas an application was on the 5th day of October, 1882, made to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant by Ann Nicholl, the widow and administratrix, and Mathew Nicholl, Alexander Nicholl, [etc.], the children and next-of-kin of William Nicholl, late of Markee, in the County of Sligo, deceased, claiming that compensation might be awarded, pursuant to the provisions of "The Prevention of Crime (Ireland) Act, 1882:", sec.19 in respect of the murder of said William Nicholl, who was beaten by a party of men on the 17th March, 1880, at Dromore West, in the county Sligo, 1880--', 26 October 1882
Newspaper cuttings containing the proclamations.
The application of Ann Nicholl accompanied by the decision that the murder was agrarian and compensation was due.
The evidence of the constabulary.
There are 7 cartons and 2 volumes.

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