CollectionPolice and Crime Records
DescriptionIrish Land League and Irish National League Papers 1878-1888.
Example: carton 10 Outrages 1879-1888, printed reports of outrages committed , 1879-1888, arranged by county.
County Westmeath Report on the murder of Mrs Smythe at Barbavilla on 2 April 1882
'Shortly before the half year's rent was made payable in November, 1881, Mr B Smythe's tenants held a meeting in the Land League Rooms in Collinstown, where they decided to demand from the landlord a reduction of twenty per cent in their rent-----On 2nd April 1882, Mrs Henry Smythe was shot dead at Barbavilla, County Westmeath when returning from Collinstown church---Lady Harriett Monck, Mr Barlow Smythe and Mrs Henry Smythe attended church that day at Collinstown and when returning in a close carriage together, and within a 150 yards from Barbavilla house, shots were fired into the carriage form a clump of trees (beside the avenue) where the assassins were lying in wait. One of the shots struck Mrs Henry Smythe on the head------Her death was instantaneous'.
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