CollectionRecords of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
ReferenceBox No24

Papers regarding Publication of Cheap Books II:

Serial No 1 Mrs Bardin to J. Topham regarding Mr Bardin's inability to meet Board, August 1826.

Mrs Campbell to J. Topham regarding proposals for 'Short History of Ireland', 28 April 1828.

Serial No 36 Mrs Campbell to the Committee submitting an Abridgement of the History of Ireland, 13 April 1829.

Serial No 120 Lady E. Clements to J. Topham, asking for a set of books, 14 July 1834.

Lady E. Clements to J. Topham, acknowledging books and asking for more, 31 July 1834.

Serial No 122 Miss Perceval to J. Topham asking for books, 16 September 1834.

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