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Court of Criminal Appeal:
File relating to appeal on murder conviction of Agnes McAdam who was tried for the murder of James Finnegan, County Monaghan, on 11-15 February 1946. McAdam was found guilty of poisoning Finnegan by giving his wife a cake which she knew to contain enough strychnine to kill or do grievous bodily harm.
In her statement Agnes McAdam, DerryLuck, Ballybay, described herself as follows:
'I am unmarried and Iive at the above address with my brother Frederick and his wife. I assist with the housework and I also work on the farm. I don't receive any payment. I have a little means of my own--'
Included in the file are the judge's summation, transcript of the evidence of the witnesses who gave evidence during the five days of the trial, notice of application for leave to appeal and the reasons for the appeal.

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