CollectionSweetman Correspondence

Correspondence to Agnes Hanly [Mrs John Sweetman], 47 Merrion Square, Dublin, and Drumbarragh, Kells, County Meath.

1: Fifty letters from her sister Madeleine, 1895-1930.

2: Seven letters from her brother Jim, 1897-1916.

3: Six letters from her sister Tina,1897-1899.

4: Six letters from Teresa Cahill, 1898.

5: Eleven letters from her father John P Hanly, 1899-1924.

6: Four letters from her cousin Nan Carroll, 1906-1935.

7: Two letters from her cousin N L Ryan, 1907-1910.

8: Two letters from her aunt Leontine Hanly, 1907.

9: Three letters from her sister Alice, 1921-1933.

10: Two letters from her brother Gus, 1926-1927.

11: Ten miscellaneous correspondence from brothers, relatives and friends, 1895-1924.

12: Ten letters to Madeleine Hanly from her sister Tina, brother Jack and friends, 1897 and no date.

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