CollectionDarkest Dublin Collection

Darkest Dublin Collection are a series of 100 photographs taken in 1913 as part of the report of the Committee appointed by the Local Government Board for Ireland which was set up 'to inquire into the housing conditions of the working classes in the city of Dublin', 1913. Accompanying the Collection is a photocopy of the final Report of the Departmental Committee appointed by the Local Government Board for Ireland to enquire into the Housing Conditions of the Working Classes of the City of Dublin, 1913, 100 slides.

Slide 1 View of Street with flagged footpath. Lamp-post near edge of the path in middle distance. Near camera two small girls, one looking backwards and carrying a jug the other facing the camera and wearing a white pinafore.

Slide 26 South Richmond Street. View up the street. Two-storey houses on left, with beyond, single-storey ones. Foreground woman wearing hat carrying child and boy with his back to camera. Farther on, man in bowler hat walking towards camera and beyond, woman and two children, 1913.

Slide 27 Asylum Yard Mack's Court. Foreground unpaved surface with open channel. To left two low houses each with one door and two windows backing brick buildings in better preservation. A gas lamp in centre background. Around it, a group consisting of two women and boys, all facing camera.

Slide 37 Grand Canal Harbour, Forbes Cottages, Fores Lane. Centre foreground lane surface with water lodged along centre. To left row of cottages with women and two small girls in front. Backing: similar row of cottages, barefoot boy standing in the front of doorway of one, also two girls, boy and white dog.

Slide 43 Moore St. Market. View up street paved with large rectangular slabs. Penthouse-like roof project from side walls and beneath them are hung row of garments. Women and children standing in front of stalls on right.

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