List of Papers from Roscrea:

Cara Park Community Report May 1979. Individual Apostolates Sister Rita Kinch, Maura Sheridan, Margaret Quigley, Claire Burke, Ethel Lamont and Nora Smyth.

Consultation for Apostolate to replace St. Andrew's and Aberdeen University Chaplancy.

Individual Apostolate in a Non-Denominational Comprehensive College, Margaret Pope.

Individual Apostolates. Conference of Major Religious Superiors, Mary Henry.

Six-page document on Kilgraston's Response to Educational and Apostolic needs.

Kilgraston in the Future.

Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roscrea. Present situation of the School, numbers in 1979 mentioned.

Mount Anville Report.

St Catherine's College, alternatives.

St Catherine's College, Armagh, estimate for.

Roscrea Report on Alternatives.

Kilgraston Report 1979.

Report on Kilgraston in light of Criteria of Mexican Assembly.

Vocations Promotion.

Provincial Assembly at Craiglockhart, 27 December 1979 - 2 January 1980, report.

Provincial Assembly Newsletter.

Summary of Financial Report.

Chart of Needs of St David's Parish, Dalkeith

Index of Circular Letters 1946-1958.

Circular Letters dated January 1958, 25 May 1958, 2 December 1958, June 1959, 6 January 1960, 24 June 1960, 12 July 1961, 31 December 1961, 15 May 1962, 8 January 1963, 5 July 1963, 10 January 1964, June-July 1960, 5 May 1964, 5 December 1964, 5 June 1965, 24 July 1966, 30 August 1966 and 5 April 1967, 19 letters bound in folders.

Lettre a la Vicaire d'Irlande and Ecosse, 10 April 1964.

Letter dated 22 April 1964 regarding audience de Sa Saintete Paul VI, 7 July 1964, 28 October 1964 and 14 November 1964.

Journal du Chapitre, 2 copies.

Lettres aux Supeneures, 25 November 1965.

Four letters from Mother Bulto, 25 March 1966, 8 January 1966, April 1966 and 24 June 1966.

Letter from Sabine de Valon, 24 July 1966.

Letter from Sabine de Valon, 23 October 1966.

Letter from Sabine de Valon, 20 October 1966.

Letter from Sabine de Valon, 3 November 1966.

Letter from Reverend Mother Carton, 9 November 1966.

Noel 1966 de Valon, 15 November 1966.

Intervention de La TRMG de Valon sur l'Apostolat.

Letter from R.M. Bulto, 15 December 1967, 2 copies.

Letter from Bulto, 30 September 1968.

Letter from Bulto, French and English Copy, 13 December 1968.

Letter from Hylda Carton to Superior of Roscrea, 19 December 1968.

Letter from Mother Bulto in English, 14 March 1970.

Letter from Mother Bulto in French, April 1970.

Circular Letters:
12 July 1966
1962, An Oasis
1950, Chain of Souls.

Discourse of His Holiness Pope John XXIII to nuns in Rome, 20 January 1960.

Peace Rosary as told by Pope John XXIII as an address to the whole world.

Christian Worship, Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius XII 'Mediator Dei'.

Encyclical Letter, 'Divino Afflante Spiritu', 1943.

Two talks on Spiritual Life by Eugene Boylan in Convent of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco, California March 12 and 13 1960 on 'Our Vocation' and on Our Lady and the Spiritual Life.

Typescript from Mother House, talk by P. Bernard SJ October 1967, 'Spiritualite' du Sacre Coeur.'

Folder containing:
Copy from Vatican 27 August 1953 from Montini to R. Mde Lescure about Pope receiving a copy of Charmot's 'La Societe du Sacre Coeur'.

A l'occasion du 80e anniv. du Sov. Pontiff, 1 February 1965.

Letter 2 March 1957,Lambilly to R.M. Vicar.

Pour chaque maison de la Vicaire (Short journey to Eygpt by Our Mother), 13 November 1958.

Lambilly: Our Mother's health, 27 March 1959.

Quelques nouvelles et avis, 8 January 1960.

Aux Maisons de la societe about Cuba and Caras (Venezuela), 26 July 1961, close of two houses in Cuba and resultant opening of two
1 Devise of Probation, 1961 choir religious
2 Nom de Probation des Soeurs Coadjutrices for 1962

News from the Mother House containing:
1 Michiko's Marriage in Japan (in French)
2 Article published in Osservatore Romano, 3 September 1960, 'The Catholic World and Latin America, Vocations and Culture'.
3 23 September 1959 Quelques Nouvelles
4 September 1956 Aux etudiantes et au enfants du Sacre Coeur, Echo des Missions
5 29 September 1960, UISG Our Mother nominated (de Valon)
6 11 May 1957, Our Mother given 'la Croix de Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur' given in name of Republic of France by Ambassador
7 4 May 1952, Newsletter
8 Extract 21 February 1960 sent to Digne M. de James by Revd. Mother [of Roscrea]
9 Translation 1962 in Revd. Mother Carton's hand to Econome General
10 Newsletter, 15 January 1969, audience.

Century19th, 20th
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