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1796.07/9/1859 Letter. Margaret Leslie, Ballymore to Bishop Keane, sanction for action asked for. She writes to say she met Mr M. Daly of Cork recently. He gently volunteered to share, with the Ladies Society of Cove, clothing he got at a wreck auction. As executor of the late Mr Drew he would be happy to give the Society £20 if the Bishop sanctioned it, 31 January 1859.

1796/7/11/1859 Letter. Ellen Walden, Queenstown, to Bishop Keane. Plea for help, family problems. 'I beg leave to state to your Lordship that husband in dire distress. Public business failed three years ago. To prevent our keeping music, Father Murphy made the Landlord Notice us out of the house'. Clerk told her that the Clergyman would assist him and his children if she left him. Husband agreed it would be best to part. Very bad after seven years of marriage. Has no where to go so she asks Bishop to interfere, 31 January 1859.

1796/7/15/1859 Letter. Ms A.M. Purcell to Bishop Keane, asks for prayers.
'The prosecution I dreaded has commenced'. Has got formal notice that her brother-in-law is appealing to Court of Chancery to have her child reared as a Protestant. Asks for Bishops prayers. If he writes to her 'seal any letter as I Fear mischance', 9 February 1859.

1796/6/4/1859 Letter. Sister M.J. McCarthy, Mercy, Queenstown to Bishop Keane, school attendance. 'I think that you will have no objection to hear that our schools are well attended'. Asks his advice about having a meeting of Superioresses for this purposes, no date.


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