News from the Mother House containing:
1 Michiko's Marriage in Japan (in French)
2 Article published in Observatore Romano, 3 September 1960, 'The Catholic World and Latin America, Vocations and Culture'.
3 23 September 1959 Quelques Nouvelles
4 September 1956 Aux etudiantes et au enfants du Sacre Coeur, Echo des Missions
5 29 September 1960, UISG Our Mother nominated (de Valon)
6 11 May 1957, Our Mother given 'la Croix de Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur' given in name of Republic of France by Ambassador
7 4 May 1952, Newsletter
8 Extract 21 February 1960 sent to Digne M de James by Revd. Mother [of Roscrea]
9 Translation 1962 in Revd. Mother Carton's hand to Econome General
10 Newsletter, 15 January 1969, audience.

Bundle containing:
1 Audience John XXIII, 19 March 1961
2 Souvenirs sur Sa Saintete Jean XXIII, 1 February 1958
3 His letters, 1931-1955, to R Mother Elisabetta Gaggia
4 About news of Conclave and Cardinal Canale and John XXIII, 29 October 1958.

Bundle containing letters from:
23 May 1946, Julia Datti
28 May 1946, Julia Datti
20 August 1946, Julia Datti
2 October1946, Julia Datti
26 January 1946, Constance Perry
9 June 1946, Julia Datti regarding health of R M Walsh pour les maisons de la Vicaire Irelande/Ecosse
24 September 1951, de Lescure
1 November 1954, de Lescure
6 September 1960, de Valon
30 September 1960, de Valon
2 February 1961, de Valon
17 March 1962, de Valon
3 May 1962, de Valon

Bundle containing:
1 Pour les Reverendes Mere Supeneures re. Printing of Documents, 15 October 1929
2 Note sent around at Revd. Mother Vicar's request, from Mount Anville, from Digne Mere de Landresse about the life of Sister Josefa, in French, 6 March 1929.
3 Note du Sec General with regard to direction of correspondence, 27 August 1927.
4 Ending the Martyrology
5 Beatrice Wright to Revd. Mother regarding Probanists spending time in France on way to Probanist, 28 July 1927.
6 Reponse au questionnaire sur les Retraites, no date
7 January 1969 regarding reducing volume of correspondence to the Mother General, 3 copies in English, original and 2 copies
8 Note from General Secretariate concerning consultation for Nomination of Provincial Superior, March 1971.
9 French account of Audience, 11 January 1967.
10 French letter, decoration of Our Mother with Legion of Honour, 25 June 1969.
11 Letter in French from R M Bulto, Vicar General, announcing date of Election of a superior General, 29 November 1967.
12 Note with regard to French Religious living abroad, advice for Elections Legislatives, 26 October 1858.
13 Note for chaque maison, Directives et decision de la 25e Congregation General, August 1958.
14 Religious Habit, 31 January 1966.
15 Lettres des Conseillieres dates of posting, 28 January 1966
16 Note on Training of Young Religious, August 1961
17 Quelques notes relatives aus lettres de Conseillieres, 10 April 1961
18 Notes pour les futures probanists, 26 July 1959.
19 September 1959 regarding School Shop in English
20 August 1958, New Office Books
21 In French from Mother House. For the Superiors regarding Confession, Confessors, Directors
22 Note with regard to accommodation available at Villa Lante, 11 October 1966
23 Letter regarding E deM visiting Rome, 15 September 1966, French.
24 Vicaire de Mount Anville regarding Bazaars on Sundays, July 1954
25 C de M attending International Marian Congress, 23 April 1954
26 Letter relating to purchasing Charmot's Book 'La Societe du Sacre Coeur', 25 February 1954, French.
27 Letter regarding Piere Charmot's Book, 1 February 1953.
28 Vicaire de Mount Anville with regard to not receiving Mlle Sofia Zuccoli, 18 January 1951.
29 Letter to Mother Vicar regarding 150 Years from Revd. M de Lescure, 10 November 1949.
30 Lettre pour les superieures regarding so many Sacred Heart Congregations in Rome Nomination Exact (Societe du Sacre Coeur), 1 February 1940.
31 Note with regard to pious practices, plurality of devotions, 18 January 1936.
32 Note pour les Supeneures regarding Pilgrimages of our Pupils to Rome for the Jubilee, February 1933.
33 Too many Aspirants ! Mother House cannot accommodate so many Probanists, fifteen youngest will go to the Villa Lante, August 1932.
34 Note to Superiors and their Councillors. Abuse about pilgrimages and indefinite suspension of pilgrimages by school children, August 1931.
35 Relating to pilgrimage of students with one of their Mistresses, 1 May 1930.

Bundle containing:
Booklets to go with slides regarding Mothers General and Mother House.

Folder containing Mother Emily McMahon's Golden Jubilee l956:
a Two Spiritual Bouquets, both printed and illuminated
b A printed note regarding Jubilee Gift
c A illuminated listing of Past Pupils
d An Address made by the Roscrea Past Pupils Association, typed signed account

Newspaper Accounts of the 150 Years of Roscrea.

Folder relating to 150 Years Celebrations Sesquicentennial Celebrations:
1 Notification to Past Pupils
2 Copy of Dedication of Memorial Stone in Roscrea Cemetery, September 1992
3 Transport Arrangements to Celebrations in Roscrea from Dublin
4 Invitation and Reply Forms to the 150 Years Celebrations
5 List of Invitations sent out
6 List A for Lunch at Path Hotel, Mass and Reception
7 List of Visitors for Lunch in Air Hill
8 List B and List C
9 Invitation to Concert and Party in Secondary School 24 September 1992
10 Letter from Maria Mullen to the Communities of the Province requesting contributions to the
Souvenir Book being compiled by Mr Turn Prior
11 Roscrea Jubilee Hymn 1992, 4 copies
12 List of Members of the English Province who will attend
13 List
14 Acceptance for Lunch Saturday 26 September 1992
15 Guest List for Roscrea Celebrations
16 Guests in the Pathe for Lunch, 19 September, acceptances
17 Acceptances for Mass, reception 19 September 1992
18 Guest for Lunch in Air Hill
19 List C
20 Visitors staying with us for the 150 Years Celebrations
21 Prayers of the Faithful for the Special Anniversary Mass
22 Souvenir Booklets, 1842-1992
23 Copy of Mass of Thanksgiving Saturday 19 September 1992
24 Mass of Thanksgiving Past Pupils, 26 September 1992
25 List of Past Pupils on 26 September 1992
26 Acceptances for Lunch 26 September 1992
27 Menu Card for Sesquientenary Lunch in the presence of Her Excellency Mary Robinson
28 Leaflet Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
29 Copy of Itinerary for Helen McLaughlin and Keiko, 8-29 September to Irish-Scottish Province
30 Thank You to Communities of Roscrea from Helen McLaughlin, fax and photocopy.

Prospectus of the Centenary of Our Holy Mother's Birth, 1979.
Several books that have been published etc., relating to Philippine, no date

More on 150 Years:
1 Celebrations to Commemorate a 150 Years in Roscrea
2 Cutting from 'The Guardian', 11 January 1992 and 4 June 1992
3 For the Media, 28 August 1992
4 Extracts of letters received after the 150 Years, 19-26 September 1992
5 List of 49 RSCJ who came to live in Roscrea from 1960- 1992
6 Gifts Roscrea People of the Year Awards 1992 given to the whole Community
Sample Book of Photos from Brian Redmond, Photographer
Roscrea, A backward glance from 1961-1964, a diary, by Barbara Conroy [0'Heara]
Cutting of newspaper photo of Roscrea Debs 1992.

List of Names 1992, printed.

150 Years: Fax of Congratulations from Religious Faculty Staff, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, Connecticut

Folder containing:
1 Working Paper on Government for Provincial Assembly, 1971
2 Suggested Agenda for Provincial Assembly
3 Organisation for the Provincial Assembly
4 Provincial Assembly Groups, Easter 1971
5 Provincial Assembly proposed times for Meetings
6 Questions intended to help us to understand the difference between the pre and post Vatican 2 understanding of Religious Communities
7 Provincial Assembly Minutes [?], Minutes 2, Minutes 3, Minutes 5, Minutes 6, Minutes 8, Minutes 9 and Minutes 10.
8 Group Reports:
a Group A Reports
b Group B Reports
c Group C Reports
d Group D Reports
9 Uncorrected Notes on Sister Philbin's Talk on Formation
10 Education, Sister Daly's Report on her findings
11 Organisation of the Provincial Assembly, Amendment
12 Concerning the Agenda
13 Concerning Organisation
14 Membership of the Provincial Assembly, Easter 1971
15 Members of the Provincial Assembly, April 1971
16 For the Discussion of the Society's options
17 Schemes for Provincial Government Plan I, page 1
18 Schemes (attached) for Provincial Government Plan I. Further amplifications Plan I, Sheet 2
19 Provincial Government Plan 2, pages 1,2,3,
20 Government Rough Draft
21 Government Financial Administration Draft
22 Formation Rough Draft
23 Apostolic Communities Rough Draft Translation
24 Another Blue Page: No title - Government
25 Paper on Groups Function or queries from Groups
26 Appendix. Answers from Sister Boland to Sister Considine on Government "En Equipe"
27 Statement from Assembly on Community Living
28 Some answers to questions asked at the Chapter on the subject of Prayer
29 Areas of concern
30 Report of the Group on Government Papers 29 March 1971
31 Resolutions passed by Provincial Assembly Easter 1971
32 Undated page: (regarding Charism ?)

1 Joint-Committee of Sacred Heart Associations, 11 March 19042
2 Letter from M Walsh RSCJ to the Old Children, 26 April 1916
3 Note to Roscrea Association, October 1915
4 Two poems on Roscrea and R M Walsh's Centenary Letter. One letter by Elizabeth George RSCJ entitled 'First thoughts', October 1948 and Second letter 'Thoughts', unknown.
5 Letter from Revd. Mother Walsh to Roscrea Community 10 February 1941
6 3 Copies of Centenary Letter 25 May 1942
7 Account of R M de Lescure's visit to Roscrea.
8 Jubilee Poem, Mere Richard, September 1961
9 Five points to the Past Pupils Meeting, 20 October [?]
10 Roscrea People of the Year Awards:1988; 1990;1991;1992;1993,1994;1995;1996

1 Mass Booklets for Roscrea St Philippine, 17 November 1988
2 Golden Jubilee of Sr Nora Coniry RSCJ, 15 August 1989
3 Golden Jubilee of Veronica Blount RSCJ, 1 August 1988
4 Golden Jubilee of Kathleen Duff RSCJ Cedar House,1988
5 Golden Jubilee of Joan Stephenson RSCJ 5 May 1990
6 First Vows Ceremony of Clare Wardhaugh RSCJ 28 April 1990
7 Golden Jubilee of Eleanor Ewing RSCJ and Mavis White RSCJ in Cedar House 1991.
Lettre from Lille June 1852 Relation d'Vune guerison miraculeuse operees a Lille dans la maison du Sacre Coeur.
Maison Mere Fete de Assumption 1941 from Julia Datti; death notice of R M Dupont.
Death Notice of Sister Nancy Joyce.
Death Notice of Sister Joan Dillon, 11 July 1983.
Sermon given at Mass for Revd. Mother Benzigers Golden Jubilee, 7 February 1967.
Account of New Tabernacle at Craiglockhart.
Sermon preached on Rally Day by Archbishop Gordon Joseph Gray, 18 May 1968.
Jubilee Sermon preached on 16 May 1968 by His Excellency Archbishop Cardinale Apostolic Delegate.
Craiglockhart September 1966 Dons Scotus Celebrations.
Sarria 1964 Account of Foundation of Beso.
Account of Dedication of Church MSJ 1989.
Letter and Questionnaire for the Cause of Mother Stuart, from Hammersmith.

Letters from Mother House:
1 Jeanne de Lavigerie S General: Death of OTRM de Loe, 4 November 1929
2 Manuela Vicente, 9 November 1928
3 Jeanne de Lavigerie, 22 November 1928
4 Manuela Vicente, 12 December 1928
5 Manuela Vicente, 28 April 1929
6 Circoncision 1930, not signed
7 Manuela Vicente, 27 February 1930
8 Manuela Vicente, 28 April 1930
9 Unsigned, 10 July 1930
10 Manuela Vicente, 1 January 1931
11 Manuela Vicente, 3 May 1931
12 L'Epiphany 1932: Manuela Vicente,
13 Manuela Vicente, 22 May 1932
14 Manuela Vicente, 8 December 1932
15 Manuela Vicente, 13 January 1933
16 Manuela Vicente, 30 April 1933
17 Manuela Vicente, 12 January 1934
18 Manuela Vicente, 1 May 1934
19 Manuela Vicente, 7 July 1934
20 L'Epiphany 1935, Manuela Vicente
21 Manuela Vicente, May 1935
22 Manuela Vicente, 12 January 1936
23 Manuela Vicente, 8 May 1936
24 L'Epiphany 1937, Manuela Vicente
25 Manuela Vicente, 31 May 1937
26 Manuela Vicente, 18 January 1938
27 Manuela Vicente 4 April 1938
28 Manuela Vicente, 20 January 1939
29 Manuela Vicente, 15 February 1939
30 Manuela Vicente, 21 June 1939
31 Jeanne Dupont, 6 November 1939
32 Jeanne Dupont, 13 November 1939
33 Manuela Vicente, 7 January 1940
34 Manuela Vicente, 4 March 1940
35 Jeanne Dupont, 11 February 1941
36 Jeanne Dupont, 21 April 1941

Un Triduum de Grace et de Joie.

List of Retreatants, all Reverend Mothers.

Letters from Julia Datti, 12 August 1945 and 18 January 1946.

Bundle relating to Chapter 1970:
1 Letter from Mother Henry, Mother House, Rome 28 October 1970
2 Letter from K Mc[?], 9 October 1970
3 From Aideen, undated
4 Letter from Aideen, 13 October 1970
5 From Aideen, no date
6 2 Copies of letter from Hylda Carton, 3 April 1970
7 Mary Henry, 7 November 1970
8 Mary Henry, 28 November 1970
9 Mary Henry, 21 April 1970
10 Mary Henry, 28 May 1970
11 Mary Henry, 22 September 1970
12 Mary Henry, 27 September 1970
13 List of Capitulants, 1 April 1970
15 Information concerning above, 4 July 1970
16 General Chapter 1970 Preparatory preparation of Chapter Committee

KASKI Report 1970 Society of the Sacred Heart

Self-Survey Irish and Scottish Province, March 1970

Mission and Justice September 1973, enclosed letter from Mother House from the Communication Team, 15 December 1974.

Focus for Action, October 1974

Report from Provincial Chapter Irish and Scottish Province, 26 December 1975 -2 January 1976.

Vocations in Ireland 1979 from Research and Development Commission 'Retreats and Conferences'.

Typed copy of Circular Letter of IRM de Valon, 8 January 1966

Commentary on The Offering, in English

Instruction on the Fourth Vow Monkstown, June 1965

Novena through the Intercession of Saint Joseph

Conference of R M Vicar, Roscrea 30 September 1943

Conference de Notre Tres Reverend Mere 14 June 1924 [de Loe?]

Mediations for a Triduum on the Adore Te by RM Stuart

Conferences to Carmel 1964-1972 by Mgr Thomas Worden

Vie des Saintes prize 1886, at Loreto Rathfarnham

Life of Reverend Mother Josephine Sherin

Past Pupils Club for Girls organised by the Past Pupils of the Sacred Heart, 1942-1958:
1 Letter from Archbishop of Dublin [McQuaid]
2 Roscrea School List 194[?]
3 Death Notice of Carmelite Past Pupil of Roscrea sent 4 October 1881. Soeur Brigitte-Madeleine de Pazzi [Bridget Egan, died aged 24]
4 Letter to Past Pupils from Mary Walsh RSCJ, 8 June 1914.
5 1923 Programme for Revd. Mother Vicar, enclosed note for June 1924
6 Rome, May 1996 AMASC, Notice on Baroness Coppee
7 Brussels, May 1965. Third World Congress of Past Pupils of the Sacred Heart
8 Rassemblement Mondial 1960:
1 Livre Souvenir, 13 December 1960
2 November 1960 regarding same
3 Account by Maureen Dorgan 30 May 1960
4 Copy of Letter from Revd. Mother Benziger written the day after the Rassemblement
5 A letter with last page missing[?], 15 May 1960
6 Account by Mary Hyland, 1 May 1960.

Address by Fr Fournier SJ on The Mother. Included:
a Report by Old Children of Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chili, Uraquay, Brazil, 4 copies
b Report from Old Children of England, Ireland, Scotland, USA New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India
c Document 'Education a Divine Task' by Revd. Fr Graston Courtois
d Report of the Past Pupils of Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Spain.

Brussels May 1965 Third World Congress of the Past Pupils of the Sacred Heart

Resume from Social Work Group on Development, Mount Anville 2 March, Catriona Maguire, no date.

Rassemblement Monial Rome 1960 Programmes and Lists, committee, organisers and questions to be prepared.

Letter to Sacred Heart Pupils consacrees a Dieu, from Sabine de Valon, 15 January 1960.

Rassemblement Programmes des Journees Ordres Des Seances a l'Angelicum, 9 December 1960

Desirs exprimes par la Maison Mere au sujet du Rassemblement, May 1960

Rassemblement Monial 9-10-11-12 May 1960 Rome, Maison Mere, 15 May 1960.

Document Derniere Indications: 1) 1 April 1960 2) 12 March 1960 3) January 1960 4) December 1959 5) 14 May 1959

Two copies of translation of Revd. Mother de Valon's letter to the Past Pupils who are religious.

Card Passport International d'une Enfant de Sacre Coeur.

Card De la Digne Mere Blond ecrit de Paris en 1865 and letter Paris, Maison Mere.

Letter from Past Pupil of Brighton to R M Ogilvie Forbes, no date.

Cutting Development Work taking professional turn Toireas Ni Bhriain, photo.

Folder on 'Centenary Year of Roscrea':
1 Roscrea Centenary
2 Souvenir 1842
3 Les Fetes du Centenaire 1842-1942
4 Centenary Celebrations Roscrea 1842-1942, typed copy
5 Sermon: Aegidius Doolan, 2 June 1942
6 Education in the Schools of the Sacred Heart 3 June 1942 by Revd. E Leen, 2 copies
7 Letter from Upper Gardiner Street from Jesuit Provincial J MacMahon, 18 May 1942
8 Letter of congratulations from the people of Roscrea, with list of contributions
9 Newspaper Account from The Vindicator, 'A Roscrea Centenary'
10 Centenary Programme of the Presentation
11 Copy of Centenary Souvenir, photocopied
12 Two copies of 'A retrospect'
13 One copy of the centenary in the 'Irish Monthly'
14 History of the National School
15 Handwritten copy of the National School by Annie McAndrew, up to 1943
16 Typed account of the Brigittines at Roscrea, given to Roehampton 1960
17 Card 1861-1961 Memoirs written by Mrs Moore [Margaret Nagle] now in New York, sister of Mother Nagle now in Buenos Aires, both pupils of Roscrea, 2 copies, 1858-1860.

Newspaper Accounts of Pope's Visit dated 29 September 1979 , 1 September 1979 and 3 October 1979.

Solemn Consecration of St. Cronan's Church, Roscrea.

Roscrea new school blessed and opening.

Roscrea lives up to great teaching tradition.

Luncheon Menu 21 July 1957 on occasion of Consecration of St Cronan's Church

Souvenir Programme of Piano Recital by John O'Connor, Convent of the Sacred Heart,

Copy of Mount Anville Centenary Magnificat

Congratulation Card from Uganda for 150 Years

Printer's Blocks of Photographs, probably for compiling of the book.

Copy of Discover Joint Anniversary Issue, 1842-1992.

Vie et Partage in French No. 11

Copies of 'Echo', January 1969, April 1968, July 1968, October 1968 and June 1968.

Prayer to Mater

Via Crucis Roscrea, two documents 1906, 1907, 1926.

On Constitutions of the Society of Jesus by P Gury, handwritten:
p.29 Constitutions 1982 Interim Translation Orange Cover
Constitutions of 1982 draft.
p.31 Constitutions and Rules ,1877
Constitutions et Regles, 1852
Constitutions and Rules Roehampton, 1890.
p.25 Constitutions and Rules: Roehampton, 1890
Constitutions and Rules Roehampton, 1924.
p.27 Constitutions 1848, 1852,1852, 1922, 1928, 1948, 2 copies
Rules 1928, 2 copies and 1924, 2 copies
Religious Life Dominigue RSCJ Pierre Gervais SJ
The First Constitutions of the Religious of the Sacred Heart Text and Commentary.

Translated by Joan Stephenson RSCJ 1985:
The Fate of the Society is in our hands Rome, March 1992
'One Heart and one mind in the Heart of Jesus', Sheila Hayes RSCJ.
The Canonical and Legal Evolution of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from 1827 to 1853.

About Constitutions:
p.25 Piere Charmot, Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart, 1954
Conferences, Piere Barrelle, sur les Constitutions
Commentary[?], 1962[?], Barrelle
p.27 Resume des Conferences sur le Sommaire Piere d'Ahere SJ, 1914
p. 29 Les Constitutions, Commentee par P Charmot SJ
Decrets des Congregations Generales, Seconde Partie, Conseilleres, Rome 1953
p.30 Decrees of the General Congregations 1901:
Decrets et notes pour l'Economat Rome, Mother House 1930
Memorial de l'Econome Rome, Mother House 1958
Decrets des Congregations Generales de la Societe de Jesus, Premiere Partie Rome, Mother House 1953
Conferences on Directives 1953 by R M de Lescure aux Supeneures
Constitutions and Rules of the Society Roehampton 1924
Constitutions and Rules of the Society Roehampton 1928
Constitutions and Rules of the Society Roehampton 1877
Constitutions and Rules of the Society Roehampton 1890.
Jeanne de Charry RSCJ Rome, Villa Lante 1991.
Catechism of Vows by Fr Fennelly CSSP.
Constitutions 1982 French.
Constitutions English, 2 copies 1982.
Rule Book [CIR Roehampton 1924?].
Constitutions and Rules, Roehampton 1924, 2 copies.
Constitutions and Rules, Roehampton 1948, 2 copies.
Constitutions and Rules, Roehampton 1928, 2 copies.
Constitutions et Regles, Lyon 1852.
Constitutions and Rules, 1924 Roehampton.
Constitutions et Regles, Lyon 1852, 2nd copy.
Constitutions Roehampton 1948, 3 copies
Canonical Legislation concerning Religious Authorised English Translation Vatican, Rome 1918.
Handbook of Canon Law, DJ Lanslots 5 August 1919, New York.
History of the Constitutions, formation of the Institute by Jeanne de Charry RSCJ Booklet in Latin, Acta et Decreta 5 April 1961:
p.27 Decrets (Sec) 1953, 2 copies
p.29 Decrees of General Congregation Part 1, 1953
p.31 Memorial de la Vestiare Rome, Maison Mere 1958
Releve' des Divers Decrets concernant le Vestiaire
p.32 Decisions of the 26th General Chapter 15 October-15 November 1965.

Decrees 1938.

Reglement Des Pensionnat et Plans D'Etudes Orleans, 1852, 2 copies

Memorial de la Maitresse des Etudes, Rome Maison Mere 1958 (2 copies).

Appendix au Plan d'Etudes 1852.

Supplement au Reglements des Pensionnat and Plans d'Etudes, 1866.

Conseil des Etudes 1869.

Rule of the School and Plan of Studies Roehampton 1904 in English.

Plan of Studies of the Boarding Schools 1922, Roehampton 1931.

Esprit et Plan Des Etudes TV[?] Val. 1954.

Constitutions et Regles de la Societe, 1852 (Mother Ross), 1852.

Part 1 5 February 1852
Part 2 March 1852
Decrees Part 1 and Part 2 signed by St M Sophie.

Decrets des Congregations Generales:
18ieme Congreg. General, 1864
13th Congreg. General 1894, published 1895.
Premiere et Seconde Part pour toutes les religieuses, 2 copies.
21st General Congregation 1928, first part, 3 copies. Another copy in French
24th General Congregation, first part, 3 copies.
Directives et Decisions, second part, 2 copies.
25th General Congregation, 1958.
Decisions of the 26th General Chapter, in English 1964, 3 copies.
Precisions 24th Congregation General.
Directives et Decisions in French, 2 copies, 1964.
Handwritten Decrees:
May 1874 Signed Lehon et Dufor, Secretary General until the 10th Congregation, May 1874, all in French except 1901 in English.
Directives of 24th Congregation, Mother House.
Precisions 24th Congregation, Mother House.
Releve des Divers Decrets concernant Le Vestiaire, Rome, Maison Mere 1958, 2 copies.
Memorial de l'Economat, Rome Maison Mere 1958.
Instructions a l'usage Des Conseilleres, Rome, Maison Mere 1935.
Decrees of the General Congregations, 2 copies, Rome, Mother House 1953, part 1. A Translation.

The RSCJ and the Renunciation of Goods, Chapter 1967.

Rule from Profession until Death.

Des Religieuses du Sacre Coeur de Jesus
Ceremonial 1936 Rome, Maison Mere
Ceremoniale 1936, in Latin
Ceremonial 1961 Tipografia Poliglotta Vaticana
Ceremonial 1958 regarding Masses.
Ceremoniale De Suceptione Habitus De Primis Votis

De Professione:
Coutumier Roehampton 1915. First and Second Part in
Maison Mere First Part , 1952 Rome, 3 copies
Benediction de la Table in Latin.

Special Chapter 1967 Rome, 2 copies in English.
Special Chapter 1967. Same Our own local typed copy.
Chapitre Special 1967 'norms d'administration des bien temporels ad experimentum', Rome 1967.
Chapitre 1970, 3 copies, all in French.
Chapter 1976, 2 copies.
Conference 'La Supeneure Selon L'Esprit de la Societe' 1951.

Letters received on the death of Madeleine Sophie:
Letter from C Cardinal Vicar, Joseph Card. Bofondi, no date.
Letter from Sup. Gen. of Company of Jesus, Pierre Becker to Vicar General, 7 June:1865
Letter from Bishop Pierre, Eveque de Moulins to Vicar General, 28 May, 1865
Letter from Bishop Rene' l'Eve'que de Quimper to Vicar General, 30 May, 1865.

Letters from Madeleine Sophie Barat:
Paris, 15 January 1844 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 10 February 1844 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 26 March 1944 to Eliza Croft
Marseilles, 17 January 1845 to Eliza Croft
Conflans, 29 December 1845, circular letter
Conflans, 9 June 1846 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 26 July 1847 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 30 July 1849 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 30 April 1850 to Eliza Croft
La Ferrandiere 27 October 1850 to Eliza Croft
Paris, 1 August 1

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