ReferencePortfolio 27
DescriptionMainly Certificates of Removal, Acknowledgements of Certificates, Presentations regarding marriage, etc., 1834-1835, 82 items. Included are:
1. Cork Monthly Minute regarding Elizabeth Beck, 8 January 1835.

2. Letter from Rachel Maria Jackson to Friends of Dublin Monthly Meeting, 12 January 1835 and extract of letter from Richard Cocker to a friend in Dublin, regarding political turmoil, 3 January 1835.

12. Letter from Rachel Jackson to Dublin Monthly Meeting, 9 February 1835.

13. Dublin Monthly Meeting Library Committee Report for 1834, February 1835.

14. Indenture, printed, establishing Martha MacQuillan, daughter of Joseph MacQuillan, as an apprentice teacher to Joshua Jacob of Newton Park, County Dublin, 5 February 1835.

26. Letter from Emily Manders to Dublin Monthly Women's Meeting, 10 February 1835.

46. Lists of subscriptions, Dublin Monthly Meeting, January 1835.

41. Accounts of Sufferings, Dublin Monthly Meeting, Spring Quarterly Meeting, 1835.

51. List of subscription, Dublin Monthly Meeting, June 1835.
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