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Description6 Dublin Monthly Meeting report of the Library Committee, February 1838.

8 Certificate of Removal, Hannah Robinson from Limerick, no date.

11 Testimony of Disownment, Mary Locke, 13 March 1838.

12 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Abigail Jackson, by Cork Monthly Meeting, 1838.

14 Dublin Monthly Meeting Accounts of Sufferings, March 1838.

15 Lurgan Monthly Meeting regarding Mary Locke, March 1838.

16 Dublin Monthly Meeting Report of Committee of Ardent Spirits, 13 March 1838.

21 Testimony of Disownment, Elizabeth Barrington, 10 April 1838.

23 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Catherine Barrington, by Wexford Monthly Meeting, no date.

24 Certificate of Removal, Elizabeth Gudge from Mountmellick, 21 March 1838.

25 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Jane Barrington by Wexford Monthly Meeting, 6 March 1838.

26 Acknowledgement of Certificate Anne Nevitt by Mountmellick Monthly Meeting, 21 March 1838.

29 Dublin Monthly Meeting Committee for the Poor, Minute regarding the removal of poor friends to Eustace Street, 11 May 1838.

32 Mountmellick Monthly Meeting regarding Ellen Maria Rhodes, Mountmellick, 21 February 1838.

41 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Susanna Dickson by Carlow Monthly Meeting, 10 August 1838.

42 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Margaret Williams with her children by Carlow Monthly Meeting, 10 August 1838.

46 Certificate of Removal, Arabella Fennell from Cork, 5 July 1838.

47 Certificate of Removal, Catherine Allen from Richhill, 21 June 1838.

51 Certificate of Removal, Elias Allen from Richhill, 21 June 1838.

52 Letter for Condemnation, Mary Woods, 14 May 1838.

55 Acknowledgement of Certificate, Ely Dickinson by Carlow Monthly Meeting, 12 October 1838.

59 Acknowledgement of Certificate, Anne Walpole by Mountmellick Monthly Meeting, 19 September 1838.

71 Certificate of Removal, Fanny Allen from Richhill, 25 October 1838.

72 Certificate of Removal, Mary Ann Bourke, from Carlow Monthly Meeting, 9 November 1838.

78 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Deborah Parvin, by Tipperary Monthly Meeting, 29 November 1838.

79 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Elizabeth Nevitt by Youghal Monthly Meeting, 4 December 1838.

82 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Elizabeth Richardson by Cork Monthly Meeting, 6 December 1838.

83 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Accounts of Suffering, 1838.

84 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Subscription Lists, 1838.
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