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Description1 Certificate of Removal, Anne Grubb from Edenderry, 17 December 1840.

4 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Report of Library Committee, 10 February 1841.

6 Lisburn Monthly Meeting, regarding Abigail Sarah Bell, 12 November 1840.

7 Certificate of Removal, Alice Person from Grange Monthly Meeting, 23 December 1840.

8 Certificate of Removal, Anne Walpole from Mountmellick Monthly Meeting, 20 January 1841.

9 Certificate of Removal, Charlotte Jackson, Limerick Monthly Meeting, 12 January 1841.

19 Letter from Mary Anne Eves to Dublin Monthly Meeting consenting to Joseph Allen's intention of marriage with her. Letter from Elizabeth Eves consenting to the intended marriage of her daughter Mary Anne Eves, certificate of membership, Mary Anne Eves, 6 April 1841.

21 Acknowledgement of Sarah Barrington by Carlow Monthly Meeting, 13 April 1841.

23 Resignation of Membership, Eleanor Thatcher, May 1841.

25 Certificate of Removal, Sarah Thompson, from Lurgan, 13 March 1841.

26 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Eleanor Parvin by Cork Monthly Meeting, 8 March 1841.

27 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Jane Chandler by Waterford Monthly Meeting, 25 March 1841.

29 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Maria MacQuillan by Wexford Mountmellick, 11 May 1841.

39 Dublin Monthly Meeting Report of Committee for the Poor, July 1841.

40 Notification, Joseph Allen's marriage with Mary Anne Eves, July 1841.

47 Certificate of Removal, Elizabeth Greer from Grange Monthly Meeting, 19 May 1841.

48 Certificate of Removal, Sarah Jackson from Hardshaw, 20 April 1841.

49 Certificate of Removal, Elizabeth [?] from Grange, 19 May 1841.

50 Certificate of Removal, Matilda Henly from Grange, 19 May 1841.

51 Letter from Margaret O'Brien consenting to Samuel Baker's intended marriage with her to Dublin Monthly, also from Daniel O'Brien consenting to the intended marriage of his daughter, Margaret Samuel Baker, to Dublin Monthly Meeting, 5 August 1841.

52 Certificate of Removal, Anne Eves, from Wexford 6 April 1841.

54 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting from Samuel White and Joshua John Strangmen regarding Elizabeth [Gough ?], no date.

55 Letter from Anne Bowles to Dublin Monthly Meeting consenting to the intended marriage of her son Samuel Baker with Margaret O'Brien, 7 August 1841.

63 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting from Jacob, enclosing Waterford Monthly Meeting Minute, August 1841.

72 Notification, Margaret [O'Brien] Baker, 12 November 1841.

75 Certificate of Removal, Elizabeth Allen from Richill, 24 June 1841.

77 Certificate of Removal, Elizabeth Eves from Carlow, 12 April 1841.

79 Certificate of Removal, Jane Eves from Carlow, 12 November 1841.

80 Certificate of Removal, Sarah Eves from Carlow 12 November 1841.

81 Certificate of Removal, Charlotte Eves from Carlow Monthly Meeting, 12 November 1841.

82 Certificate of Removal, Harriet Eves from Carlow Monthly Meeting, 12 November 1841.

83 Certificate of Removal, Lydia Eves, from Carlow Monthly Meeting, 12 November 1841.

87 Extract from will of Lydia Clibborn, December 1841.

88 Resignation of Membership, Dorothea Bewley, 12 July 1841.

90 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Subscription Lists, 1841.

91 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Lists of Affairs and Wills, 1841.

92 Dublin Monthly Meeting, Lists of Accounts and Suffering, 1841.
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