DescriptionExecution of the will of Donal O'Sullivan Beare:

1 Copy of Agreement. Parties Donna Elena O'Sullivan and Don Dermisino O'Sullivan, Fr Ricardo Combeo Rector of the Irish College of Santiago. Concerning the sale of houses in Santiago, 2 August 1618.

2 1624-1626 [Deed] permitting reception of [chamber alimonies] and expenses from Donna Juana de Cordoba y Aragon, Dugnesa de Sesa y Barna, in favour of Don Francisco Cordoba y Rojas, her son, and Donna Juana de Rojas and assignment of 10,000 ducats in securities to Donna Juana de Rojas, Madrid, no date.

19 Authority conceded by Senor Marques de Velfuerte in favour of his wife, Donna of Antonia O'Sullivan Beare, for the administration of their possessions, 11 October 1669, Madrid.

23 [Testimony of head clause and foot of will conceded by] Donna Antonia Francisca O'Sullivan, 23 October 1702, Madrid.

24 Lists of valuations, adjustments and accounts of the possession that remain for the death of Senora Donna Antonia Francisca Maria O'Sullivan Bear Cordoba y Cordana, 10 April 1718, Madrid.

26 Marriage settlement of Donna Antonia Francisca O'Sullivan, 2 June 1755, Madrid.
Century17th, 18th
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