CollectionIrish Women Workers' Union

Rule Books:
Union, 1920-1967
Pensions and benevolent loan fund, 1934, 1955
IWWU Discount Guild rules and lists of traders, 1937-1938
Annual reports, 1923-
Auditors reports and accounts, 1920-.

Minute Books:
Executive; Annual and Special Conventions; Finance Committee (1919-
Laundresses Council, 1933-1956
Laundry Committee, 1956-
Printers Committee and section, 1929-
Unemployment fund , 1941-1944

Report Books
Box companies, 1960-
Laundries, 1952-
Printers, 1938-.

Roll Books:
Apprentices printing trade, 1919-1923
Laundry, 1952-1963.

Files, mostly dating from 1940s:
Union administration and organisation, 1919- including:
Annual conventions, annual meetings and special conventions, annual returns to
Registrar of Friendly Societies, organisation and membership, alterations to union
rules, benefit schemes, union finance and investment, premises, staff, sponsorship,
Irish Save the Children Fund

Individual firms, organisations, associations, groups of workers and employer associations including:
Paper, printing and paper box making trades, 1918- piecework, Paper Box Trade
Board, Protection for Printing Committee, 1925-1926, boxmakers strike, 1928,
printers strike and lock-out, 1934, printers time docket dispute, 1937-1938,
agreements with Dublin Master Printers Association, Irish Printing Federation and
Paper Bag, Wrapping Paper and Twine Manufacturers and Distributors Trade
Guardian Association, Paper Box JLC, Packing JLC, Monument Press strike Bray
1949, Dublin printing trade dispute, 1952, JIC for the Printing Industry and
Allied Trades in Dublin; provincial printers, Dublin Printing Development
Committee, Irish Master Printers Association, non-federation houses, CIO survey of
paper, paper products, printing and publishing industry, Printing and Paper Industry
Industrial Training Committee, productivity, Dublin Printing Trade Group.

Laundries, 1918- Leinster Laundries Association, proposed Laundry Trade Board,
Dublin District Laundry Association, claim for fortnight's annual holiday with pay,
agreements, Laundries JIC.

Textile and sack manufacturers, 1917- Linen and Cotton JIC, firms in Drogheda,
Irish Sack Manufacturers Association, Post Office factory, Women's Clothing and
Millinery JLC, Linen and Cotton Productivity Committee, Women's and Girls
Clothing Trade Union Advisory Body.

Hospitals, 1942-, psychiatric nurses, wardsmaids and domestic staff, Dublin
Health Authority.

Sugar confectionery, tea and wine trade, 1919- Sugar Confectionery and Food
Preserving JLC, Fruit and Vegetable Trade Union Advisory Body.

Cleaners, 1947-, ESB, CIE, Dublin County Council, banks.

Tobacco, 1918-, Tobacco JLC.

General files regarding wages, conditions of employment, economic, industrial and social issues and legislation covering same including:
Apprenticeship, 1951-1858 apprenticeship committees
Civil service pay award, 1952-1953
Conditions of employment, 1931-1964 employment of women at night
Constitution, 1937, women and the constitution
Equal pay, 1945-1950
Factories Act, 1947-1953
Health, 1952-1959 amendments to Health Act; health service for mothers and
infants, state aided medical scheme
Housing, 1918-1966 housing developments, applications for corporation housing
Joint Labour Committees, 1946-1956
Labour Court, 1946- state employees access to the Labour Court
Mother and Child scheme, 1951
School medical service, 1952
Social insurance scheme, 1945, Dignan Scheme
Social welfare, 1953- eligibility for benefits, qualifications, legislation
Truck Act 1896 fines for spoilt work, 1930
Trade Union Act 1941, 1940-1942, DTC campaign against Act
Unemployment, 1937-1953, problems of long term unemployment
War and industry, 1939 effects of war on industry
Women's/men's demarcation, 1918
Married women in industry, 1957 ILO legislation
Workmen's compensation, 1932-1933

Other unions, 1919-, including:
ATGWU, Dublin Guild of Female Biscuit Operatives, Irish Clerical Workers Union,
ITGWU, National Union of Bookbinders and Machine Rulers, National Union of
Domestic Workers, National Union of Printers, Bookbinders and Paper Workers,

Bodies to which affiliated:
Congress, 1918- including:
ILPTUC, ITUC, re-organisation of trade union movement, organisation of agricultural and other rural workers, trade union unity, PUTUO, unemployment, Clerical and Professional Workers Advisory Committee, Northern Ireland, ICTU, annual conferences, Women's Advisory Committee, Public Services Committee, Equal Pay Committee, Committee on Trade Union Organisation, NISO

Trade councils:
DTC/DCTU, 1945-1969
Bray Trades Council, 1952-1970
Drogheda Trades Council, 1950-1964
Waterford Council of Trade Unions, 1963.

Labour Party, 1944-, annual conferences, policy documents, election and referenda campaigns

Other files including:
National Health Insurance Society, 1948
Joint Committee of Women's Societies, 1952-1964
National Co-operative Council, 1954-1965
ILO, 1953-1957
Milk dispute, 1953
Prices Advisory Committee, 1964-1966
Anti-apartheid, 1964-1966

Administrative, 1928-, including:
Income and expenditure books, petty cash books, political fund accounts, hospital and strike fund, convention expenses, receipt books, cheque payment books, social club.

Membership, 1917-, including:
Branch registers and cash books, general workers, laundry workers, printers, paper
box makers, textile workers, nurses, unemployed members benefit books, unemployed fund Christmas gifts, sick pay claims.
Union pension, benevolent and loan fund, 1934-, including: cash books, annual accounts.

Other records:
Press cuttings book Irish Women's Reform League, 1913-1915
Wage Rates Book, boxmaking, bakery trade, laundries, Post Office factory, sugar confectionery 1955-.

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