CollectionPostal and Telecommunications Workers Union, formerly Post Office Workers

Minute Books:
Executive, 1916-
Special Committee , 1938-1947
Organisation and Finance, 1931-1932.

Rule Books, 1961.

Annual Conference Agenda and Report Books, 1924- .

Files covering a very wide range of subjects:
a Union administration and organisation including annual and special delegate conferences, branches, newsletters and circulars to, national executive, education, hospital fund, political fund, publications, organisation and recruitment and benefits for members. Amalgamation, 1917-1923, proposed amalgamation of post office trade unions, 1917, Union of Postal Workers and AIPOC, 1919-1920, IPU, IPWU and IPOEU, 1922-1923, conference June 1923

Annual and special delegate conferences, 1924-, agendas, resolutions, delegates, nominations, amendments to rules, reports.

Benevolent fund, 1925-, establishment, applications for benefits.

Branches, 1951- levies, newsletters, circulars.

Censorship notices, 1939-1944.

Education, 1957- Catholic Workers College, College of Industrial Relations.

Gaeltacht scholarships, 1946-1950.

Hospital fund, 1926- extension of applications for.

Industrial democracy, 1949- .

Leinster disaster fund, 1918-1919.

Legislation Trade Union Act 1941, Industrial Relations Bill , 1946.

Levies, 1916- postal strike, special levies.

Loans, 1922.

Mortality benefits, 1937- applications for

National executive, 1920- members, co-options, resignations, presentations

Organisation and recruitment, 1928- 'All in Campaign'

Political fund, 1925-1964, establishment of

Post Office holiday fund, 1945-1954

Post Office life assurance scheme, 1928

Post Office Mutual Benefit Society, 1925-1944

Post Office Public Utility Society, 1941-1942

Premises, 1927-1950

Press cuttings, 1937-1938

Rowland Hill Benevolent Fund, 1925- , reports, cases

Sanatorium fund, 1944-1960

Social club, 1942-1945.

Staff, 1923-1966 appointments, conditions, testimonials

Strike fund, 1927-1965

Transfer of members between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Irish Free State, 1921-1931.

Voluntary orphans scheme, 1953-1966.

Branches extensive network of mostly relating to individual cases. Most of the files date from the 1960s but there are earlier items.

Grades and specific category of worker including post mistresses, sub-post masters and mistresses, clerical grades, and part-time workers, including:
Army and defence forces, 1932-1966, regarding conditions of members who served in
army IFCA
Cleaners and door keepers, 1928-1965

Clerical officers and grades, 1921-
Engineering grades, 1928-1946
Learners, 1921-1956
Messengers, boy and adult, 1923-
Part-time workers, 1931-1958
Postal sorters, 1947-
Post masters and mistresses, 1924-1961
Postmen, 1920-, temporary, unestablished and auxiliary
Postmen drivers, 1930-
Postmen junior, 1961-
Post Office assistants, 1924-1951
Post Office clerks, 1928-1967
Sub-postmasters and mistresses, 1925- dispute, 1962-1963
Telephonists, 1926- , night and Sunday
Temporary and unestablished, 1920-.

General files regarding appointments, duties, wages, commission of enquiry, etc.

Unions and associations other unions catering for postal workers and public service associations, including:
Co-operation with Civil Service Federation, 1928, suggested joint committee of civil service organisations, 1929-1931, Joint Committee, 1930-1932, Civil Service Alliance, 1936-1941.

Association of Irish Post Office Clerks formerly Dublin Civil Service Telegraph Association, 1925-40, POWU attitude regarding recognition of DCSTA and its application to affiliate to Civil Service Federation, 1925, expansion of activities, annual meetings, AIPOC, application for departmental recognition, membership details, circulars to branches regarding activities.

Civil Service Clerical Association, 1940-1963, High Court action, 1960-1963, Post Office Clerical Association, 1950-1957, circulars, memos etc., regarding re-establishment and activities of POCA, resignations from POWU, departmental recognition, representation at conciliation and arbitration, wage and other claims, withdrawal of contacts.

Other, 1950- Irish Post Office Engineering Union, GPO Departmental Officers Union, Postal Inspectors Association, Controlling Officers Association, Printing and Binding Clerks Association, Veterinary Officers Association mainly regarding wage and other claims, arbitration.

Bodies to which affiliated:
ILPTUC, 1923-1930, special congress political reorganisation, 1930
ITUC/PUTUO, 1930-1959, affiliation fees, conferences, Commission on Trade Union
Organisation, representation at ILO, unity talks, PUTUO draft constitution
ICTU, 1959-, annual and special delegate conferences, applications for affiliation Sub Post Masters Association, POCA Executive Council, Clerical and Professional Workers Advisory Committee, Public Services Committee.
Labour Party and elections, 1925- including:
County Dublin bye-election, 1926
Questionnaire to parliamentary candidates, 1927
General elections, 1943-1960, organisation of 1943 election campaign
Local elections, 1935-1960
Constituency conferences, 1935-1942
Union nominations for Dail labour candidates, 1940-1950
Senate elections, 1938-1943
Affiliation fees, 1940-1957
Annual conferences, 1949-1956.
Party programme, 1947-1949
Labour Party pamphlets and newspapers, 1927-1953. 'The Torch',' Irish People', 'The
Nation', 'The Flagstaff'

PTTI, 1927- affiliation fees, rules, constitution, executive meetings, reports presented to congress, secretary's reports on activities, European regional conferences, education courses.

General and miscellaneous files, 1904- including:
List of Freemasons in Ireland, 1929, Frank Ryan's release, appeals for funds, Central Remedial Clinic, Lower Prices Council, ISPCC trade union day collections, Freedom from Hunger, miscellaneous union files, etc.

Financial Records:
Expenditure Analysis, 1925-1941
Receipts Analysis, 1931-1935
Petty Cash, 1934-1941
Expenses, 1941-1965
Income and Expenditure Ledgers, 1963-
Subscriptions and Contributions, 1947-
Benevolent Fund, 1936-1950
Hospital Fund, 1941-1962
Union Band Subscriptions, 1942-1950
Branch Accounts, 1930s-1953.

Branch records:
Dublin District Council, Minute Book, 1932-1942
Parcels Office Sub-Committee Minute Book, 1922-1932
Dublin Postal Indoor Branch Minute Book, 1932-1935
Stores branch Minute Book, 1926-1929
Dublin Telegraphs and Youghal Branch Minute Book, 1957
Dublin Postal Account Book, c1928-1959
James Street membership record and branch accounts, 1953-1954
Cork Telegraphs Branch Minute Books, 1943-1951), Letterbook, 1944-1950
Westport Branch Minute Book, 1950-195,1 Letterbook, 1949-1950.

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