CollectionWorkers Union of Ireland

Some of the Minute Books of the Workers' Union of Ireland may not have been transferred to Irish Labour history Museum.

Union administration and organisation such as annual delegate conferences, benefits, education, general executive council etc.

Branches and affiliated groups: the latter included the Assistance Officers and Superintendent Assistance Officers Association, affiliated in 1965 and the Medical
Laboratory Technologists Association, affiliated in 1960.

Employers, etc. including air lines, the button trade, chemists, cleaners, fish and poultry trade, hospitals, paper making and printing, Radio Telefis Eireann, sugar confectionery trade, and textiles and hosiery.

General files about wages, conditions of employment etc., including: equal pay, trade boards/joint labour committees including Shirtmaking, and, Women's clothing and millinery Labour Court, and Records section of union, 1959 returns by branch and company wages and hours of work.

Correspondence, etc., with other unions including Civil Service Clerical Association, ITGWU,
Irish Union of Distributive Workers and Clerks, IWWU and the Post Officer Workers Union.

Bodies to which affiliated Congress, Labour party etc., includes Women's Advisory
Committee, ICTU.

Records of Dublin branches including:
No 1 branch includes:
Minute Books for the branch committee, 1948-1968, files of correspondence, laundries, papermaking includes Paper Making Trade Union Group,1949-
Branch Registers, 1940-.

No 2 branch includes:
Minute Books for branch committee, 1951-1956, and Dublin Corporation section, 1951-1970, Branch Registers, 1935-.

No 3 branch general includes:
Minute Books of branch committee, 1950-1958, files of correspondence fish and poultry trade, sack making trade and tobacco, 1957-
Branch Registers, 1929-.

No 4 branch sugar confectionery and food processing.
Minute Books:
Jacob's section, 1948-1960
Scotts section, 1948-1950
Clerical workers, Johnson Mooney and O'Brien, 1951-1952
Branch Registers, 1943-.

No 7 branch, tobacco.
Minute Books of branch committee,1948-1965
Wills section (T947-52); branch registers, 1943-.

No 10 branch fish and poultry includes:
Minute Books:
Branch committee, 1948-1960
Retail fish and poultry section, 1945-1958
Wholesale fish section, 1948-1956
Copy Letterbooks, 1955-1961
Files of correspondence, 1946-1958
Branch Registers, 1948-.

No 12 branch aviation includes:
Minute Books, 1954-1961
Files of correspondence, 1947-
Branch Registers, 1947-.

No 15 branch
Files of correspondence clerical and administrative workers in Dublin Health Authority, Guinness and Radio Telefís Éireann, including Trade union group and, branch registers, 1951-.

No 16 branch includes:
Minutes of the Chemists branch committee, 1951-1958
Branch Registers, 1951 -.

No 18 branch
National hospitals branch files of correspondence etc., 1946-
Branch Registers, 1956-.

Records of other branches including:
District Office, Tullamore, 1948-
County Dublin branch, 1951-1959
Bray branch, 1951-.

Records of other unions and staff associations etc. including:
Irish Liver Assurance Employees Association, 1950-
Irish Pharmaceutical Employees Association 1950-1951
Voluntary Hospitals Clerical and Administrative Staff Association, 1962-.

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