CollectionIrish Transport and General Workers Union
DescriptionHead office records:

Files, 1912-1942 including:
Annual and special delegate conferences, 1922-1939, nominations, reports, ballot papers, minutes, rules, membership, national health insurance section reports ILPTUC/ITUC annual and special conferences, 1922-1939.
election of union delegates to.
Annual returns to the Registrar of Friendly Societies, 1913-1925.
Industrial disputes and strikes, 1916-1922, motor permits strike, Mallow Flour Mills strike
Agreements, 1940-1942, inter-union, with employers
Premises, 1916-1932, compensation claim for damage done to Liberty Hall during 1916 Rising, properties in Cork, Dublin: tenancies, title deeds
Legal papers, 1912-1940, accounts, court cases Staff, 1920-1922
Report on speech made by James Larkin speaking from the windows of Liberty Hall, June 1923

National insurance section
Files, 1922-1927, including documentation from National Health Insurance Commissioners, auditors reports and accounts irregularities in payments, sick visitors reports etc. on Matt Talbot

O'Brien papers
This collection contains ITGWU records dating from c1913-1924, as well as O'Brien's personal papers, these include:
Census of membership, June 1918, Larkin versus ITGWU insurance section of union

Kennedy/O'Brien papers
Includes ITGWU records notably branch replies to circular regarding interference by the authorities with the work of the union and persecution of union officials, 1920s.
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