CollectionIrish Trade Union Congress
DescriptionSome of the records are still housed on Congress premises.

Minute Books:
National Executive, 1923-1946.

Administration and organisation including annual conference, 1927-1959, applications for affiliation, 1933-1956 constitution of ILPTUC, 1926-1927, national executive, 1929-1943, Northern Ireland Committee, 1947-1959, Provisional United Trade Union Organisation, 1956-1959, including National Health Council, unemployment conference, wages policy etc., trades and workers councils, 1926-1953, trade union law and trade union organisation.

Industrial relations including Civil Service Arbitration Board, 1952-1953, Civil Service Clerical Association and Joint industrial councils including for the hosiery trade.

Industrial policy including Conditions of Employment Act, 1936-1937, equal pay, 1947-1956, holidays, 1936-1959, hours of work, 1954-1957, and Shops Hours of Trading Order, 1951-1954.

Economic policy including budget, 1939-1959, documentation circulated to members of the
Commission on Youth Unemployment, 1943-1945, protest against the reduction of food
subsidies, 1952, fair wages clause, 1934-1959, prices, 1951-1957, including Prices Advisory
Body, unemployment, 1939-1959, including deputation's, statements etc., and wages, 1921-1959.

Health, social welfare and education including adult education, proposals for improved and
extended health service, 1952-1953, Mother and Child scheme and National Health Council, 1953-1956, including minutes of meetings and documentation circulated to members of
Committee of Enquiry into Widows and Orphans Pensions, 1933.

International including International Labour Organisation, 1945-1959.

Miscellaneous and general files including Adoption Society of Ireland, 1949, civil rights and electoral rights of civil servants, 1953-1959, Connolly parades and commemorations, 1949-1959, distress in Dublin, 1928-1929, housing,1923-1957, including Dublin Housing Consultative council, 1956-1957, and housing schemes, Labour Party, 1930-1959, including relations with, ITUC and Labour joint council and Labour Party Housing Committee, National Co-operative Council, 1959, and Northern Ireland Labour Party, 1947-1950.

Congress of Irish Unions, 1945-1959.

Administrative records:
Minute Books, 1947-1959.

Organisation and administration, 1945-1959, including annual meetings, applications for affiliation, trade union law, trade union organisation and inter-union relations and trade union unity including minutes of joint meetings.

Industrial relations including Labour Court including regarding unsatisfactory working of the court and disputes with employers.

Industrial policy including access of girls and women to apprenticeship schemes and
Holiday Employees Act two weeks holiday with pay in building trades.

Economic policy including wage negotiations and price control including sub-committee on wages and prices, unemployment and the Fair Trade Commission.

Provisional United Trade Union Organisation, 1956-1959.
Administrative records:
Files including annual reports, 1956-1958, conferences, 1956-1958, including budget conference and unemployment conference, discussions with the Federated Union of Employers regarding wages and the economic situation and wages committee.

Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 1959-

Minute Books
National Executive, 1959-
People's College, Rough Minutes, 1963-1967
Women's Advisory Committee, 1960-.

Administration and organisation, 1959-, including applications for affiliation and registration, annual conference documentation, 1959-, education committee, 1960-, executive committee 1959-, including reports to, industrial committees, trade union advisory bodies, 1962-, including those for cotton linen and rayon, gloves, hosiery, mantles and gowns, paper and paper products and women's and girls clothing and Women's Advisory Committee 1959-.

Industrial relations including Tribunal on Clerical Pay, joint industrial council for Unestablished State Employees, 1969-, Labour Court and Wages discussions.

Industrial policy including Conditions of Employment Act, Factories Advisory Committee, hours of work, 1960-1961, annual reviews of industrial progress, National Industrial Safety Organisation minutes, 1965-, and Shops (Hours of Trading) Act, 1966-.

Economic policy including budgets, 1960-, Committee on the European Social Fund,
1962-1963, National Industrial Economic Council, 1963-, including minutes and General
Purposes Committee and Prices Advisory Committee, 1965.

Social welfare and health including Commission of Enquiry Mental Illness, 1960-1967, Health Acts, 1962-, and old age pensions.

Miscellaneous files including Irish Conference of Professional and Service Associations, 1959-1961, Irish Council for the European Movement, 1960-, and National Co-operative Council, 1959-.

TUC/ICTU Research Department Service
Files including:
Boards and commissions of enquiry on which the Research Officer sat including Committee of Industrial Organisation, 1961-1964, and Prices Advisory Committee, 1958-1966.

Other files including documentation relating to clerical and professional workers, 1966, economic development, 1952-1965, five-day week, 1959-1962, health services, 1950-1967, holidays with pay, 1960-1967, hours of work, 1960-1968, housing, 1945-1965, social security and social welfare, 1950-1966, and surveys of membership of trade unions.
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