CollectionArdee Local Authority Records
Description298 Ardee Union Applications of Assistance Forms Book, no date.

299 Ardee Union Abstract of Valuation of the Several Townlands comprised in the Electoral Divisions of Drumcondrath.

301 Ardee Union, Requirements Book, 1910 - 1915.

302 Ardee Union, Guardians Estimate and Demand to County Council, 1900.

303 Ardee Union Paying Order Book, 1901 - December 1901.

304 Ardee Rural District Council Receipt Book. Paying Order for Rent of Labourers' Cottage.

305 Ardee Union Book of Reference to Maps.

306 Ardee Union (Tobacco) Record of Inmates, September 1883 - March 1924.

307 Ardee Union Book of Casuals, 1913.

308 Ardee Union Estimates of Liabilities and Expenditure, 1913.

309 Ardee Union, Wages Book, 1900 - 1908.

310 Ardee Union, Provincial Assistance Report Forms, 1924.

311 Ardee Union Chaplains Book, 1924.

312 Ardee Union Visitors' Book 1909 - 1923.

313 Ardee Union, Index to County Meath.

314 Ardee Union Register of cases attended by Midwife, June 1902 - March 1920.

344 Ardee Dispensary Book, 1814.
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Century19th, 20th
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.