CollectionLocal Authority Records
DescriptionLouth County Council Finance Committee, Minute Books:
Volume 1 L2 April 1912 - January 1915
Volume 1 L3 November 1905 - February 1912.

Volume 3 L14 Louth County Council Executive Committee Minute Books, May 1913 - May 1929.

L15 Louth County Council National Health Insurance and Unemployment cards, 1900 - 1923

Minutes of Wottonstown Drainage District, March 1918 - November 1931.

Depositions of the Coroners Court, requests 1886-1890, c12.

Large bundle of correspondence, pamphlets etc., relating to Mechanics Institute, late 19th century.

Special Juror's Book County Louth, 1913.

General Juror's Book County Louth, 1911.

County Louth Assizes, 1880-1885.

Register of National Health Insurance Committee, 1912-1919.

Register Sheep Dipping containing names addresses, number of sheep dipped, etc., 1918 - 1921.

Register of Mortgages, blank.

Louth County Council Notices of Motion, c1899 - 1930.

Ledger of Motor Car and Bike Licences, 1910-1914.

Louth County Council Minute Book, November 1920 - February 1925.

Dundalk Board of Conservators, Minute Book, November 1935 - February 1941.

Louth County Council Address Book, no date.

Louth County Council, Minutes of Proceedings of Road Committee, c1900-1905.

Louth County Council Minutes of Proceedings of Proposal Committee, April 1916-August 1925.

Louth County Council Finance Committee of Dundalk Rural District Council, May 1912-September 1913.

Louth County Council, Index to Finance Minutes, April 1928-May 1930.

Treasures' Receipt and Payment Book, Dundalk Union, 1922-1924.

Lists of sheep owners in Dundalk District, 28 June 1924-27 April 1929.

Drogheda Union, Estimate Inhabitants and Expenditures, 1913-1923.

Louth County Council, Minute Book:
August 1903- July 1910
February 1917 - August 1920.

Louth County Council Finance Committee Minutes, May 1899 - September 1906.

Louth County Council Schedule of Proposals:
January 1904 - November 1906
February 1907 - November 1909
February 1910 - November 1912.

Insurance's Receipts, c1927 - 1930.

Register of exchanged and non-exchanged insurance cards:
Men 1953 - 1958
Women 1952-1965.

Labourers' Cottage Ledger, blank

Louth County Council, November 1900-June 1903.

Minutes of Dundalk Rural District Council, March 1916 - September 1917.

Road Contractors Ledger, Dundalk Rural District Council, blank.

Louth County Council Library Register of Books, name of number etc. no date.

Louth County Council Finance Committee Minute Book:
June 1930 - December 1931
April 1917 - November 1920.

Louth County Council, Minute Book, April 1899 - September 1900.

Louth County Council, Executive Committee Minute Book, February 1900 - May 1911.

Louth County Council, Attendance Book, December 1899 - May 1920.

Piers Committee Minute Book, May 1900 - June 1908.

Index to Finance Committee Minute Book, January 1915 -[?].

Louth County Council, Finance Committee Minute Book, January 1915 - April 1917.

Ardee Union Minute Books:
1851-1857, 7 volumes

Ardee Town Commissioners, Minute Book, 1844 - 1872.

Ardee Town Commissioners, Current Expense Account, 1922-1928.

Ardee Town Commissioners, Miscellaneous Letters, 1919-1920.

Ardee Town Commissioners, Miscellaneous Letters, 1920-1921.

Abstracts of the Accounts of the Ardee Union for the half year ended 25 March 1898.

Ardee Dispensary Book, 1814.

Ardee Union Rate Book, 1840s.

Town of Ardee Petroleum Licence Book, no date.

Plan of proposed house drains at St Joseph's, St. Vincent's and O'Dolan's Terrace, for the Trustee of the Tenants, no date.

Barony of Ferrard, Ardee Union, List of Special Jurors, 1915.

Barony of Louth, Ardee Union, List of General Jurors, 1915.

Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books:
May 1916-July 1917
December 1919-April 1921
February 1913-August 1913
June 1907-December 1907.

Louth Rural District Council Minute Books:
February 1904-October 1913
February 1901-August 1901
January 1908-July 1908
May 1881-June 1882.

Louth and Meath Rural District Council Finance Book:
July 1904-December 1919.

Correspondence Book, Dundalk Union, December 1909-June 1923.

Children at Nurse Register, Dundalk Union, 1904-1924.
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Century19th, 20th
Repository NameLouth County Archives
AddressOld Gaol Ardee Road Dundalk County Louth
EircodeA91 PY17
Telephone(042) 932-4358
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.