CollectionMovement for the Parliamentary Enhancement of Women
DescriptionVolume containing speeches etc. from meetings. Index at front, gives a list of the speeches contained in the volume:
1870 Mrs Fawcett, 18 April
1873 Mrs Beedy and Miss Todd, etc.
1876 Miss Becher, Miss L Ashworth, Miss Sturge and Miss Todd, etc.
1877 Miss Scatche[?], Miss Downing, Miss Todd, etc.
1878 Mrs King, Mrs Haslam
1874 Articles in 'Women's Advocate' and letters to the 'Freeman's Journal'.
1879 Mrs Tod, Mrs Haslam, February
1880 Deputation to Dr Lyons M P
1880 Miss Jessie Craigall
1880 Mrs Fenwick Miller, Miss Todd, etc.
1881 Lady Harburton, Miss Todd, etc.
1882. Mrs Briggen, Revd. Carmichael
1885. Mr Andrew Dilke, Miss Todd
1895 Mrs Blackburn
1898 Miss Clifford
1899 Mrs Haslam
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CommentThere are two separate institutions in Maynooth: the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and St Patrick's College, Maynooth. The Russell Library serves both institutions. Some of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list.