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Women's Meeting:
Epistles, 1776-1794.

Volume entitled 'The Old National Yearly Women's Meeting Book, which commenced about a hundred years ago, being filled up, it was thought suitable to transcribe the following advises etc. out of it into this new book'. The volume contains formulaic epistles from London and other Yearly Meetings. Each epistle opens with a formulaic expression of sympathy concerning the condition of the church and of a hope that it will be returned to 'a sound state of spiritual health'; an expression of hope in the 'growth and advancement of all the church's members; a reminder 'to the sisters of the great and humbling truth' and encouragement to the faithful in their discharge of every office of love'.

Epistles contain queries posed by the Men's Yearly Meeting to the various Women's Monthly Meeting regarding the attendance at women's meetings, their performance of their duties in society, the education of children, the dress and overall appearance of women friends, etc. Example of formulaic queries 'Is it your case, by example and precept, to train up your children in a godly conversation, and in frequent reading of the Holy Scripture, as also in, plainness of speech, behaviour and apparel'. 'Are Friends careful to avoid all vain sports, placing of diversion and gaming'.

Volume also contains 'Rule agreed upon by the National Men's Meeting, held in Dublin in 1757, for the direction of women's meetings in the conducting of discipline'.
An example of these directions 'To see that women friends be diligent in attending meetings for worship and discipline, and when they observe any remiss in that duty, to exhort them to be more diligent and careful therein'.

Also contains addresses made by the Men's Meeting to the women's friends. Example 'As the women friends well know the expense of clothing, and feeding sickly, infirm and helpless persons and children, they should enquire into the necessities of such, especially widows and orphans and where they cannot relieve them themselves, that they make report to Men's Friends, both who such are, and what they think a suitable weekly allowance'.

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