Aghadowey Presbyterian Church:
Photocopy of session minutes and session book, 1702-1761.

Antrim Presbytery:
Parcel of minutes, 1697-1713
Bound volume of minutes, 1671-1691.

Millrow Presbyterian Church, Antrim, County Antrim:
Bound volume of seatholders, 1596-1839
Parishioners' census, 1820; 1831
Congregational book, 1694-1877
Parcel of 3 congregational notebooks, 1619-1867.

County Armagh:
Census, 1766.

Armagh Presbytery:
Bound volume of minutes, 1797-1816; 1825-1832
Parcel of 2 minute books, 1821-1830; 1836-1840.

First Armagh Presbyterian Church:
Session minutes, 1707-1729
1 envelope with lists of seatholders, 1851; 1852; 1857
Session and committee minutes, 1821
Stipend list, 1920.

Athenry Presbyterian Church:
Communicants' roll, 1874-1914.

Athlone Presbytery, County Westmeath:
Large bound volume of minutes, 1859-1902; 1903-1930
Families and members list, 1834-1848
Congregation minutes, 1880-1951
Session minutes, 1911-1918.

Athy Presbyterian Church:
Ministers' reports and notebook, 1792-1889.

Ballina Presbyterian Church, County Mayo:
Communicants' roll, 1857-1935
List of subscriptions for a new Presbyterian church, Ballina,1850-1852.

Ballyglen Presbyterian Church, Connaught:
Register of members and adherents, 1892
1 volume of committee minutes, 1879-1921.

Ballybay First Presbyterian Church:
Parcel containing minutes and notes, 1812-1834
Session book, 1836-1955.

Ballygoney Presbyterian Church:
Committee book, 1848-1869
Session minutes, 1850-1915.

Ballygrainey Presbyterian Church, County Down:
Congregation minutes, 1951-1957
Session minutes, 1862-1872, including a list of communicants, 1862 -1863.

Ballyjamesduff Presbyterian Church:
Session book, 1834-1837.

Ballykelly Presbyterian Church:
Parcel of minutes of session meetings, 1699-1826.

Ballymena Presbyterian Church, County Antrim:
2 volumes of stipend papers, 1930-1939; 1940-1945
Parcel of minutes, 1808-1819.

West [Presbyterian] Church, Ballymena, County Antrim:
Notebook containing communicants' roll, 1883-1922
Photographs of Revd E. Simpson and family, Ballymena, 1876-1916
Annual church reports, 1868-1915 (with some exceptions).

Ballynahinch 2nd Presbyterian Church, County Down:
Photocopy of communicants' lists, 1848-1860.

Ballynahinch 3rd Presbyterian Church, County Down:
Committee book, 1863-1888.

Banbridge Bible Society, County Down:
List of subscribers, 1840.

Family tree of the Linn family, Banbridge, County Down, 1756-1878.

Bandon Presbyterian Church, County Cork:
2 bound committee books, 1842-1936; 1936-1961.

Bangor Presbyterian Church, County Down:
1 bound volume of minutes, 1739-1777
Parcel of minutes, 1797-1801; 1837-1842
Miscellaneous minutes, 1792.

Belfast Scriptural Worship Association:
Manuscript minute book, 1896-1901.

Benvarden Presbyterian Church, near Ballymoney, County Antrim:
2 communicants' roll books, 1864-1907; 1907-1912
2 session books, 1864-1882; 1894-1912
Session notebook, 1871-1885.

Birr Presbyterian Church, County Offaly:
Communicants' roll, 1846-1926
Session minutes, 1845-1874, including congregational minutes, 1869-1904
Committee minutes, 1870-1895; 1903- 1962.

Broadway Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Committee minutes, 1981-1983.

Burgher Presbytery:
Synod minutes, 1779-1818
Synod minutes, 1809
6 bound volumes of burgher minutes, 1779-1814; 1818-1823
Armagh [Presbytery] minutes, 1811-1820
Down [Presbytery] minutes, 1800-1813.

Cahans Presbyterian Church:
1 parcel containing session book, 1824-1911
Committee book, 1861-1894.

Carland Presbyterian Church:
Session book, 1754-1801.

Carnmoney Presbyterian Church:
1 parcel containing a poor list, 1716-1784
5 session books, 1708-1720; 1686-1748; 1767-1786; 1786-1821; 1825-1859.

Carrickfergus 1st Presbyterian Church, County Antrim:
Stipends, 1829-1848.

Castledawson Presbyterian Church:
1 volume of session minutes, 1703-1779.

Various religious census, 1704-c.1816.

Clifton Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
3 volumes of communicants' rolls, 1862-1937 (with exceptions); 1882 to 1982
Families book, 1877-1881
Session minutes, 1876-1939; 1865-1982 [5 books for Clifton Street Presbyterian Church and 3 books for Belfast United Free Presbyterian Church]
Committee minutes, 1829-1881; 1961 to 1982 [2 books for Belfast United Free Presbyterian Church and 5 books for Clifton Street Presbyterian Church and Belfast Free United Presbyterian Church from 1942 onwards]
3 books of manuscript sermons, 1880-1882.

Clogher Deacon's Court:
1 volume of minutes, 1873-1915.

Coagh Presbyterian Church:
Transcribed minutes,1858
Session minutes, 1858-1877
Communicants' roll, 1889-1916.

College Square North Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
2 Sabbath roll books, 1895-1896; 1898-1899
Session book, 1907-1967
1 bound volume of minutes, 1866-1878.

Connor Presbytery:
Parcel of minutes, 1693-1735.

Cushendall Presbyterian Church, County Antrim:
Minutes, 1897-1939.

Cliftonville Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Communicants' roll, 1886-1915.

Cookstown 2nd Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone:
List of subscribers to the manse, 1836.

Convoy Presbyterian Church, County Donegal:
Communion roll, 1901-1939
Notebook containing names of persons, probably members of Convoy Presbyterian Church, 1634-1833 Session book, 1845-1938
3 stipend books, including the names of Convoy Presbyterian Church congregation, 1835-1858; 1867-1903; 1866-1879, 1904.

Cookstown 3rd Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone:
Communicants' list, 1876-1877
1 volume of church subscriptions, 1854
1 volume of church subscriptions for the schoolroom, 1881.

Corglass Presbyterian Church:
Committee book of minutes, 1833-1879
1 volume of stipends, 1833-1840.

Cork Presbytery:
Minute book, 1896-1931.

Queen Street Presbyterian Church, Cork:
7 volumes of committee minutes, 1831-1928.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cork:
3 volumes of committee minutes, 1860-1955 (with some exceptions)
Session minutes, 1862-1951.

Cresent Presbyterian Church:
5 communicants' roll books, 1909-1975
3 volumes of kirk session minutes, 1925-1975
3 volumes of committee minutes, 1887-1975.

Londonderry Presbytery:
1 volume of Sub-Synod minutes, 1706-1730; 1744-1802.

Waterside Presbyterian Church, Londonderry:
1 volume of minutes, 1863-1943.

Donegal Presbytery:
1 volume of minutes, 1960-1961.

Donegal Pass Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Minutes, 1868-1871; 1891-1973
2 communicants' roll books, 1907-1973
Session minutes, 1870-1973
Minutes of Donegal Pass Presbyterian Church Sabbath School, 1953-1971.

Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Pew sittings book, 1853, including session minutes, 1868-1885
2 stipend books, 1833-1848; 1849-1853
Collection list, 1853-1858.

Down Presbytery:
1 volume of minutes, 1707-1715
6 minute books for Down Presbytery, 1785-1842
Down burgher minutes, 1800-1813.

Drogheda Presbyterian Church, County Louth:
1 volume of session minutes, 1839-1863
Communicants' roll, 1863-1887.

Drumdrinagh Sunday School:
Minute book, 1820-1863.

Dublin Presbyterian Synod:
Bound volume of minutes, 1846-1880.

Donore Presbyterian Church, Dublin:
Committee minute book, 1978-1981
Manuscript secretary's annual church reports, 1962-1978.

Dundonald Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Session book, 1678.

Dungannon Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone:
1 volume of minutes, 1842-1845.

Ekenhead Presbyterian Church:
Session minute book, 1887-1907.

Elmwood Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
5 books of communicants' rolls, 1876-1975
5 books of committee minutes, 1858-1960
1 volume of session minutes, 1867-1926
1 volume of stipends, 1878-1915
Annual church reports, 1902-1903; 1917-1970 [excluding 1928; 1962].

Ennis Presbyterian Church:
Communicants' roll, 1886-1971
Minutes, 1850-1971
Minutes of Ennis Presbyterian Church Bamington Club, 1936-1959.

Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
1 large volume of committee and session minutes, 1831-1889.

Galway Presbyterian Church, County Galway:
Communicants' roll, 1874-1980
Committee minute book, including congregational minutes, 1867-1898
Session minutes, 1874-1946
8 volumes of church committee minutes, 1833-1980 [with exceptions].

Glascar Presbyterian Church:
Parcel of session minutes,1760-1818.

Great George's Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Envelope of reports, 1856-1871 [incomplete].

Greyabbey Presbyterian Church, County Down:
Congregation list, 1835-1854
Minute book, with accounts, 1850-1875.

Hearth money rolls:
Counties Antrim, Derry and Tyrone, 1663-1669
Donegal, 1665
Derry and County Londonderry, 1740
Cairncastle and Glenarm, County Antrim, 1666-1669
Ahoghill, 1766
Kilmacrenan barony, no date
Tirhugh barony, no date
Bannagh and Boylagh barony, no date
Ennishowen, 1665; Raphoe, 1766; Armagh, 1664 [extracts from these hearth money rolls are available in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, reference D/307].

Subsidy roll:
County Down, 1663-1669.

Hollymount Presbyterian Church, County Mayo:
Communion roll, 1867-1920
Session book, 1846-1892
Committee book, 1889-1922
Manse Building Fund, 1857-1859.

Islington Presbyterian Church, Liverpool:
Minute book, 1843-1846.

Kilbride Presbyterian Church:
Communicants' roll book, 1866-1887.

Killaig Presbyterian Church:
Parcel containing communicants' roll book, 1749-1918.

Killinchy Presbyterian Church, County Down:
Congregational register of families, 1836.

Killyleagh [Presbyterian Church], County Down:
Presbytery minutes, 1725-1732.

Parcel containing letters from Revd E. Kennedy, Killymoon, to his sister, Mrs Stewart in Dublin, 1787-1822.

Kilmore Presbyterian Church:
Committee book, 1834-1887.

Kirkpatrick Memorial Church, Belfast:
Parcel of papers containing solicitors' costs for the late Miss Jane Kilpatrick,1916-1922 and details on the Kirkpatrick family, 1800-1923.

Laggan Presbyterian Church:
1 volume of minutes, 1690-1700
Parcel of minutes, 1679-1691; 1707; 1779 and extract minutes, 1683-1681.

1st Larne Presbyterian Church, County Antrim:
Session book, 1699-1701
Committee minutes, 1858-1887.

Limerick Presbyterian Church, County Limerick:
Communicants' rolls, 1844-1894; 1894-1910
Seat rental account, 1849-1856
Accounts of Limerick Presbyterian Church Widows' and Orphans' Society, 1856-1889
Minutes of Limerick Presbyterian Church Widows' and Orphans' Society, 1856-1871
Session minutes, 1844-1949
Congregational minutes, 1828-1842; 1856-1886
Committee minutes, 1838-1877; 1886-1930; 1930-1942
Minutes of Limerick Presbyterian Church Girls' Auxiliary Society, 1935-1941
Cash book of Limerick Presbyterian Church Girls' Auxiliary Society, 1939-1942.

1st Lisburn Presbyterian Church:
Seatholders' book,1764
3 volumes of session minutes, 1688-1709, 1711-1763, 1779; 1805-1824.

Longford Presbyterian Church, County Longford:
1 volume communicants' roll, 1884-1942
Congregational minutes, 1881-1926.

Lowe Memorial [Presbyterian] Church, Finaghy, Belfast:
Subscription list, 1932.

Lurgan 1st Presbyterian Church, County Armagh:
Annual church reports, 1874; 1882.

Lylehill Presbyterian Church, Templepatrick, County Antrim:
Sunday School minutes, 1798-1809
2 church roll books, 1822-1828
List of seatholders, 1857-1873
Contribution book listing church members, 1870-1875
3 stipend books which also list seatholders, 1768-1792; 1832-1844; 1857-1873.

Magherafelt Presbyterian Church, County Londonderry:
Session book, 1703-1779.

Malin Presbyterian Church, County Donegal:
Communicants' roll, 1863-1883
Committee book, 1893-1928
Committee minutes, 1928-1957.

Markethill 2nd Presbyterian Church:
Family tree of the Moore family, 1809-1819.

Monaghan Presbytery:
Parcel of minutes, 1702-1712.

Mountmellick Presbyterian Church, County Leix:
Record book, 1828-1849.

Newtownards 1st Presbyterian Church, County Down:
1 volume communicants' roll, 1822-1954.

Newtownhamilton Presbyterian Church:
1 volume of church records, 1822-1954.

Omagh, County Tyrone:
Presbytery minutes,1841-1887.

Portaferry Presbyterian Church, County Down:
1 volume of minutes and accounts, 1822-1875; 1849-1890
Stipend book, listing poor money etc., 1778-1848
Poor list, 1803-1834.

Portglenone 2nd Presbyterian Church:
1 volume communicants' roll, 1886-1896
Session book, 1909-1910, including a list of communicants, 1880-1900
Stipend book, 1829-1834.

Rathfriland 1st Presbyterian Church, County Down:
List of seatholders, 1853-1860.

Family tree of the Rentouls family, no date.

Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
Sunday school minutes, 1935-1938.

Route Presbytery, County Antrim:
2 volumes of minutes, 1701-1706; 1811-1834
Parcel of minutes, 1701-1775.

Sandymount Presbyterian Church, [?Dublin]:
3 books of communicants' rolls, 1858-1890; 1891-1912; 1913-1952
1 volume members' roll, 1908
1 volume of minutes of Sandymount Presbyterian Church Literary Group, 1886-1880
5 books of church committee and meeting minutes, 1856-1937
2 books of Sunday School teachers' minutes, 1857-1890
2 books concerning the sustentation fund, 1910-1926; 1917-1930
1 book of church collections, 1910-1926
1 book of church pew rents, 1912-1931.

Springfield Road Presbyterian Church, Belfast:
1 volume communicants' roll, 1965-1970
Minutes, 1965-1970
6 annual church reports, 1965-1969.

Saint Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Carlisle Circus, Belfast:
List of members, 1901-1930.

Tralee Presbyterian Church:
Communicants' roll, 1894-1962
Session minutes, 1900-1964
Minute book, 1840-1888, including communicants' roll, 1844-1855.

Tullamore Presbyterian Church:
Communicants' roll, 1859-1950; 1857-1880
List of families and members, 1856-1857.

Tully Presbyterian Church:
Committee minute book, 1874-1975, including lists of families and communicants' rolls, 1871-1893, 1896-1921; 1927-1957.

Tyrone [Presbyterian] Diocese, County Tyrone:
Typed sheets regarding poll money, 1663-1669
Summonisters' rolls, 1615-1638
Parcel of minutes, 1794-1796; 1781-1809 .

2nd Upper Tyrone Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone:
Minutes, 1802-1810; 1806-1830.

Lower Tyrone Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone:
Minutes, 1806-1809.

Handwritten book containing Ulster Munster Roll, 1630 and for Down, Antrim, Derry and Donegal, 1642.

United Presbyterian Presbytery:
Minutes, 1880-1907.

Urney Parish:
Poll money [?list], 1660.

Westport Presbyterian Church, County Mayo:
Families' list, , 1861-1870
Ministers' visiting book with observations, 1862-1869
3 books of communicants' rolls, 1861-1890; 1857-1899; 1892-1921
Session minutes, 1900-1917
2 books of congregational minutes, 1776-1861; 1869-1919.

Whitehead Presbyterian Church, County Antrim:
Annual church reports, 1929-1937.

Whitehouse Presbyterian Church:
Stipend book, 1868-1878.

Presbyterian Widow's Fund:
List [?of subscribers], no date.
Ledgers, 1860-1900.

Presbyterian Orphans' Society:
Annual reports, 1866-1988.

Collection of c.4000 pamphlets which are catalogued on computer. The following is a selection of some of the material which is available:
Revd Doctor John Edgar, 'Penitent restored: a discourse on the statistics, evils, and cure of prostitution with a complete view of the penitentiary system' (1841)
Revd Doctor John Edgar, 'Women of the West: Ireland helped to help herself' (1849)
Revd Arthur Mursell, 'Woman' (London, 1858)
Revd Doctor John Edgar, 'Irish industry: woman's work and woman's worth' (1851)
'Relief Association and Connaught Harvest, appeal and reports' (1853)
Mrs James Martin, 'Keepers at home. A word to my working sister' (1868)
'Samaritan Hospital for women and children' (Belfast, 1875)
Ellice Hopkins, 'How to start preventative work' (London, 1884)
'Training home for Orphan Girls in connection with the Presbyterian Orphan Society' (Belfast, 1887)
'Annual report of the Kinghan Mission for the Deaf and Dumb, 1899' (Belfast, 1899)
'History of the Widow's Fund in connection with the Southern Association' (Dublin, 1922)
'Brief account of the Deaconess movement' (Presbyterian Church in Ireland, no date)
'Presbyterian Women's Association Handbook' (no date).

Copies of 'The Witness', a weekly newspaper, 1874-1941, with a few exceptions. This paper includes numerous articles on individual women and women's associations. The following is an example of some of the information which is available: an article on marking the Sabbath in the home, 3 January 1902; an article entitled 'Australian women and the Franchise', 2 June 1902; a report on the Irish Women's Temperance Union annual conference held in Cork, 30 May 1902; a report on Ekenhead Women's Missionary Association and a short article on the death of Helen Blackburn, 'The lady devoted the best part of her life to the advancement of the cause of women, and was a familiar figure in the lobby of the House of Commons. ...For many years she was hon. Secretary of a league to defend the freedom of women's labour, which accomplished much in the aid of its object, including the securing of special consideration under the last Factories Act', 16 January 1903.

Copies of 'Women's Work', the Irish Presbyterian Church magazine, 1939-1963, with some exceptions.

Psalter belonging to Margaret McElheny, 1774.

Small bible belonging to Margaret Boyd of Drumanbeg, 1841.

Diary of Miss Alice Harper of Cahan, County Monaghan, 1889-1892.

Notebook belonging to Mrs L McCaughey, labelled Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, 1946.

One volume of Miss Elizabeth Jane Macaulay's diary, 1 January 1902-c.1917. Macaulay was originally from Clough, County Antrim and the diary was written whilst she was a missionary in India. For example, 'Lord Jesus make so pliable in thy hands throughout this year that thou caust make me the very best thou wouldst have me be. Whether studying the language or sitting in silence may all be done for thy glory and honour', 1 January 1902; 'First visit to a Heathen village, it will be delightful when I am able to speak to these people of the love of Jesus. ...It was not long until there was quite a crowd gathered around. Little children[,] young men and women. B. sang a hymn. Eliza spoke', 13 January 1902; 'From November until end of February I stayed on in Adh to help Miss Crawford with the Orphanage. ...At that time there were 13 women and children in the house. ...The Daily classes for the women which Miss Roberts started in the Bungalow were continued. The women came daily to be taught reading[,] writing and little arithmetic and scripture. ...there were also 25 orphans', 2 February 1903. This diary also contains biblical notes and notes on the Presbyterian Girls' Auxiliary, for example, 'The girls Auxiliary Movement has been started since I left Ireland. There was no movement of this kind when I was young. Since coming here I have been struck with all the young life and interest at missionary meetings. It used to be only grown up ladies attended our meetings but last year both these meetings were full of young girls and we have great hopes that some of them will come to India one day. Always keep the possibility of being a Missionary yourselves girls before you...we want to get hold of you when you are young, because we know if we accomplish this you will not forsake the cause of Christ in middle age', no date. Also included are notes on Indian customs such as marriage, the daily life of Indian women, caste feasts, burial rituals and the Brahman religion. Several newspaper cuttings, articles and letters are also included in this diary, for example, a letter to Miss Macaulay from Mary Frackleton, Knock, Belfast, which notes, 'Did you hear that Miss R. O'Neill has been accepted for India, and hopes to sail in November? Isn't that good? ...I hope you are fairly well, and benefited by the sea voyage, which must have been very trying after the sudden news of Miss Henry', 9 May 1932.

Scroll of Workman and Lawrence family trees, no date.

Pedigree of the Magregor, Greer and Grierson families, no date.

Family tree of Revd Hans Hamilton Dunlop, no date.

3 volumes of the 'Missionary Herald of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland', June 1843-December 1850; January 1882-December 1884; January 1899-December 1901. Each edition includes a list of subscriptions, donations and bequests which include the names of numerous women and the amount subscribed. The 'Missionary Herald' includes numerous references to women missionaries, for example, a 'Report of the Connaught Mission' notes for the area of Dromore-West that 'A female teacher, with a large and flourishing school, occupies one apartment of the house, and an assistant has been appointed by Mr. Kerr, who will teach a school of a higher order than any hitherto known there, and which has been desiderata both by Protestants and Roman Catholics of that neighbourhood, whose circumstances are more independent. ...Mr. Jones gave a school-house in another locality for one of our schools, and he and his lady take a lively interest in your Missionary work, and show a great kindness to your Missionaries there, who well know the value of such Christian countenance in such a locality', August 1850; notes on the Jewish Mission which contain an article on a 'School for Girls at Damascus', 1 September 1882; a 'Letter of Miss Legate', 1 September 1882; an article on 'Scotland and our Irish Mission' by 'Connaught', which notes that at linen factory in Dunfermline 'nowhere did the difference between Scotland and the West of Ireland seen more sharply than defined in this factory. The hands are mostly female, the greater part of them young girls, well-dressed and respectable looking, and very skilful at their work. Had we a few such factories in our leading towns in the West, they would soon derive out idleness, poverty, sedition, and crime; and our young people, instead of going in thousands to America, would find comfortable times at home', 1 June 1882; notes on the establishment of a girls' school in China, 'It is essential to the successful working of a girls' school in China that it be as far apart as possible from the apartments occupied by men. Again, there are several girls - the children of those who were baptised last year - is most important to teach to read and bring up under Christian influence. The teacher of the boys' school...had promised to bring his wife from the country and undertake the duties of matron. We have a promise, also, of three girls as scholars - there are to come after the Chinese New Year - and with this number, small as it is, we will begin in God's name', 1 June 1899

Diary of Doctor Margaret McNeill, 25 November 1900-22 January 1903. This was written whilst she was working as a medical missionary in Manchuria for the Irish Presbyterian Mission and includes a photograph of McNeill. For example, she notes, 'The R.C.s [Roman Catholics] appear to be making themselves still more odious to the Chinese by the way they are leading the Russian soldiers to wreck vengeance on whole villages and districts', 25 November 1900.
In a report for 1901 McNeill notes, 'In the end of October the missionaries from home began to return and in November the Presbytery met for the first time since the persecutions, the conference of the Scotch and Irish missionaries and the separate committees also met in November. The Committee decided that I should spend the winter in Monkhu as the way was not yet open for Miss McWilliams and me to go to Kwancheptzu which station we have been appointed.
I had no convenient place for seeing patients but my colleagues were lenient enough not to object to me taking them in our own sitting room and in Limchwang I had 125 patients some of whom I treated many times', 1901; 'Boxers in the north were all lads 14-19 except leaders who were older. The movement was really military eg looting done by soldiers. Attack on Christians had no reference to previous...cases. Local magistrate determined amount of persecution.
Christians from some places all fled...No deaths except one who took opium in fear', May 1901.
The diary also includes notes on women attending the missionary school, for instance, one pupil is described in the following terms, 'Moral character doubtful. Sent to school for 2 months' trial. If she does not perform well she will probably be divorced. If she does behave well she maybe left longer at school' whilst another pupil was 'aged 16, betrothed many years ago. For 3 years has been eating opium', November 1903. Included at the back of this diary are notes on Chinese customs and characteristics, for example, 'At first sight all Chinese appear alike [,] one has difficulty in distinguishing man from woman, boys from girls, after a time however one gets to know that men all have pigtails and all married women have their hair up', no date.

Large cardboard box marked 'Girls' Auxiliary' but also containing minutes etc. of the Presbyterian Women's Association Foreign Mission Fellowship, the Women's Missionary Association, the Presbyterian Women's Association and the Joint Ministers Wives' Association. For example:

1 small, bound minute book of conference reports of the Women's Association Foreign Mission Fellowship, October 1931-September 1934, including the names and addresses of members and a report of the inaugural meeting of the fellowship when 'a group of G.A. [Girls' Auxiliary of the Women's Missionary Work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland] girls met at Seaview, Bangor, to discuss the possibility of forming a Fellowship or some sort of organisation to keep interested in mission work, those girls leaving the ranks of the G.A. and finding it impossible to link up with the W.A. [Women's Association], except in a nominal way', 25 October 1931.

2 bound minute books of monthly meetings of the Women's Auxiliary Foreign Mission Fellowship, containing synopsis of talks given to the fellowship by numerous women, including missionaries and notes on the election of office bearers, 1931-March 1938 and November 1945-March 1966.

3 bound minute books of the committee of the Women's Association.

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